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Hugh Phoenix Cross’ newly formed production company 10 Gauge Shakespeare (a.k.a. 10GS) teams up with MOnsterworks66 for the new horror SlaughterBox.   The style of Hugh’s 10GS is to represent the rustic outlaw quality and strong Shakespearian influence in his writing style, producing interests, and photographic swagger.   10GS also is committed to charity, it is Hugh’s lifetime goal to donate a portion of his project earnings to a cause deemed fit for the story.   [v=yqKMgGvxNmo]   PRESS RELEASE 10 Gauge Shakespeare AND MOnsterworks66 TEAM UP TO PRODUCE THE PROMO TRAILER FOR SLAUGHTERBOX, a sharp new horror feature by Indie actor/writer/producer Hugh Phoenix Cross.   Cross’ production company, 10 Gauge Shakespeare,...
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West Coast Premieres of “Mil Mascaras vs. the Aztec Mummy” & “Stomp! Shout! Scream!” Sept. ’09

Poster by Strephon Taylor Monogram Releasing publicist/B Movie Nation co-administrator Will “the Thrill’ Viharo is taking his “Thrillville” cult movie cabaret on the road this Fall with the West Coast premieres of two Monogram releases, the all new Mexican monster mash Mil Mascaras vs. the Aztec Mummy doubled-billed with Jay Ward Edwards’ all new beach party monster movie romp, Stomp! Shout! Scream!. Mil Mascaras vs the Aztec Mummy stars the original wrestling legend “Mil the Thrill” (looking great at 66!) plus a host of special guests like El Hijo del Santo and Blue Demon Jr. facing off against the Aztec Mummy, who in this incarnation is more like a loquacious...
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Announcing the 2nd Annual Golden Cob Awards!

For the second year, The B Movie Celebration will be hosting the coveted Golden Cob Awards for Excellence in B Movies. This year The B Movie Celebration  is asking your help in determining who gets the Cob. Help us nominate deserving B Movie professionals for The Golden Cob Award, for Excellence in B Movies To nominate someone please go here http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=zxWXnI5_2bgtYqr0yt4vnnfA_3d_3d We look forward to your input Also announcing: the first annual BOB WILKINS AWARD The B Movie Celebration is pleased to announce the creation of an award for excellence in “Horror Hosts”. The Bob Wilkins Award, named in honor of  the Legendary Bay Area Horror Host will be awarded...
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Five Easy Questions: ARCH HALL JR.

ARCH HALL JR. is that rare combination – a living legend and a nice guy. This cool cat is still swingin’ forty odd (yes, very odd) years since his debut in The Choppers (1961) written by his legendary father, Arch Hall Sr., and cementing his own legacy as a drive-in deity with the timeless gems Eegah (1962), Wild Guitar (1962)  The Sadist (1964), The Nasty Rabbit (1964), and Deadwood ’76 (1965). Though he hasn’t appeared on screen in years, his handful of memorable roles have secured him a hallowed place in the Cult Movie Icon Hall of Fame. Will the Thrill: Recently Ray Dennis Steckler, a personal friend and frequent...
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The 2009 B Movie Celebration Line Up

Announcing the great film line-up at this years B Movie Celebration Abby Black Christmas Black Horizon Blacula Chopping Mall Creature from the Black Lagoon Cyclone Dark Star Dire Wolf Dr. Goldfoot and the The Bikini Machine Forbidden Planet Gas! Godzilla King of the Monsters Grand Theft Auto Halloween The Hideous Sun Demon Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers Horror of Dracula I Was A Teenage Frankenstein Ilsa She Wolf of The SS Invasion of the Body Snatchers Journey to The Sevenh Planet Knightriders Leeches Lost Empire Ma and Pa Kettle at Waikiki Meteor My Bloody Valentine Night of the Comet Night of The Grizzly Phantom Empire Piranha Planet of The Apes Puppetmaster Toulon’s...
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CYXORK 7 , the hilarious and inventive movie about making a movie in a fading sci-fi franchise, coming May 15 from Monogram Releasing, is one of the Best Movies of 2008 you’ve never heard of, according to Popmatters and according to me, too. Prolific and amiable writer/director JOHN HUFF gave us the lowdown on this artful satire, and much more… Will the Thrill:  You wrote 3 episodes of the classic series Kolchak: the Night Stalker (“The Sentry” “Mr. R.I.N.G”. and “Bad Medicine”); can you talk a little about your experiences with that show (one of my personal favorites)? JH: Thanks, Will, it was one of the luckiest experiences of my...
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Now Playing At The B Movie Nation

Demonsamongus is a dark and creepy horror set in rural Victoria, Australia on the eve of Christmas in the small isolated town of Miranda Falls. Joe Melton has just moved into town, retreating from the hectic life of the city to write his thesis on the dangers of advertising and mass consumption. Miranda Falls is a beautiful and quiet country town, but not for long! Joe soon discovers an evil presence lurking both in the dark forest and in his home. Being chased by demons and suspected of murder, Joe becomes a man on the run. The only other person to witness the devil’s work first hand is a local...
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New Jersey’s Elysee Productions has unearthed two tawdry, torrid treasures from the salt mines of sleazy drive-in cinema history: the complete and original scores for Al Adamson’s notorious monster-match Dracula vs. Frankenstein (1971) and Eddie Romero’s equally infamous tropical terror Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1969). The former was originally released by Adamson’s decadent drive-in distribution company Independent International Pictures. William Lava’s bombastic but suitably sinister score for Dracula vs Frankenstein includes a remix of the title track by producer Sam Sherman. Tito Arevalo‘s sweaty score for the Filipino frightfest Mad Doctor of Blood Island, from Hemisphere Pictures, the centerpiece of Eddie Romero’s “Blood Island” trilogy about horrific experiments on...
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B Movie Nation bigwig MR LOBO along with filmmaker ERNIE FOSSELIUS (Hardware Wars and publisher/musician/collector SCOTT MOON are proposing an ambitious new B Movie workspace honoring their late mentor, Bay Area Creature Features host BOB WILKINS. They are open to ideas and feedback. Contact info is below. THE WILKINS BUILDING PROJECT: The Wilkins Building Project: A creative think tank and art collective with a focus on community education. This live/work space would be managed by three active artists with long and varied careers whose careers were cultivated by Bob Wilkins: Senior Director–Ernie Fosselius Writer, director, editor, performer, designer, puppeteer, etc. on many short films including Plan 9.1 from Outer Space,...
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