Spaceflight IC-1: An Adventure in Space

The actual basic story idea of SPACEFLIGHT IC:1 is pretty interesting. However, considering how boring and badly the film was made, I assume that they must have hired chimps to write the script–it was that bad and that boring. It’s a shame, really, as the film addresses some interesting ideas about spaceflight–but they are dealt with in a completely ham-fisted and inept manner.

The basic story idea is excellent. A group of space travelers are sent from Earth to a habitable planet that will take 25 years to reach. So, in the meantime, some of the crew members are in suspended animation, one has been turned into a robot (?) and the rest need to get along and accept that it’s going to be a very, very long ride! Seeing them with children and planning on creating more during the long voyage is an interesting concept as is the notion that tempers might flare given there are only a few couples aboard. What if a couple wants to split up? What if the captain is a bit too authoritarian and regimented? What if some of the crew members are total morons? All these questions are more or less answered, but don’t expect any of it to make sense.

The biggest problem is that the film finds them one year into their journey and already they are facing a mutiny. Didn’t they bother to check out these people to see if the captain was a fascist or if the crew were all stupid malcontents?! And, didn’t anyone question why the space agency turned one of the people into a robot with a human head stuck inside a goldfish bowl? The morality and pointlessness of this plot point is something to consider! And, given that several more people are being held in suspended animation, didn’t anyone think to make sure the process worked before attempting a space flight with passengers in suspension? And, naturally, the process actually turns the people into killing zombies (don’t you just hate when that happens?). Of course, the biggest unanswered question is why didn’t anyone consider that the actors were all wooden and the script made little sense beyond the initial story idea! Poorly made and dull despite an intriguing premise–this is just too dull to recommend–even to lovers of early spaceflight movies.