Five Quick Questions with Chanel Ryan

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“Chanel Ryan let me lick her face without complaint (although she did scream a little.) I like her and think she is an incredible talent. Next time she gets to terrorize me. It’s only fair! She is a good friend and one helluva actor” Bill Oberst Jr. on working with Chanel on their upcoming “Circus of the Dead.”

Chanel is an actress, model, and producer.  Her modeling career began when she was approached by a swimwear company on a California beach.  During that time Chanel put a lot of time and effort into modeling and traveled to many exotic locations.

She can be seen in many national advertisements including PEPSI, SATURN, VOLKSWAGEN, DEL TACO, WET & WILD COSMETICS, AUDI, COCA-COLA, and VISA.  You have seen her in campaigns for ANHEUSER BUSCH, BURKE WILLIAMS SPAS, HARLEY DAVIDSON SWIMWEAR, HARRAH’S CASINOS and MILLER BEER, as well as in fashion shows for FREDRICK’S OF HOLLYWOOD.

Shifting her focus onto acting and filmmaking, Chanel is busier and more dedicated than ever.  She’s currently producing “Crimson Saints” and stars in many recently released and soon to be released films (See list below).  She’s strongly devoted to her films, while she was filming “Dead Sea” she had a horrendous flu with a dangerously high fever, but yet in the film you’d never know as she plunges into the very chilly lake water.

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Five Quick Questions with Chanel Ryan

Early in your career you had smaller roles in films, then focused on modeling and became a supermodel, then focus on acting, and now starting to make your own films. You’re very determined and motivated to keep moving up. What’s your driving force?

CHANEL: Actually my first acting job was a lead role in an independent film called WAITING FOR THE ROCKET. Followed by parts in a couple high profile films. At the time I didn’t realize how lucky I was and I wasn’t as focused as I am now. So the lure of working as a model in far away lands was very appealing to me. The modeling industry has been good to me and taken me all over the world! I always wanted to act but it’s difficult to turn down a paying modeling job in an exotic location for an audition I may not even get a call back for. A couple of years ago I decided to get serious about my acting career and really started studying. I made a commitment to be in town for auditions which meant switching my focus, turning down modeling jobs.

I get bored very easily and constantly need to be challenged. What drives me is the knowledge that I am not going to have a career in a couple of years if I don’t stay focused and make things happen!

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You’re a passionate animal lover and have adopted several pets for yourself. Can you share your thoughts on this on how people can get involved?

CHANEL: I joke that I love animals more than people! We are responsible for their safety and well being, we are their voices and they need us to protect and fight for them.

I do a lot of animal rescue and am constantly fostering dogs & cats while trying to find them a safe, loving home. I would never dream of having a pet that was not a rescue. Their are so many wonderful animals in the shelters and rescue organizations that need loving homes. Both my dog Lucky (who passed away 2 months ago after 15 1/2 years together) and my cat Ruby Tuesday are both rescues.

Anyone wanting to get involved can contact your local shelter or animal rescue organizations. They are in need of volunteers to walk, brush and play with the animals as well as foster. Donations are always a good was to support a worthy cause. A lot of rescue organizations are volunteers and they run on donations. There are a ton of great organizations but a few I like are listed on the Animal Activist page of my site:

And most importantly please spay and neuter your animals and if you are thinking of getting a pet check your local shelter and animal organizations. Be part of the solution and not the problem by supporting breeders.


You’re also a vegetarian, is it from being a huge animal lover, health reasons, your mom’s cooking growing up, or a little of each, and what would be your top healthy recipe that meat lovers should try?

CHANEL: Ha! My Mom will laugh when I tell her it’s her cooking that caused me to become a vegetarian! But seriously I grew up in a family of carnivores which meant steak and potatoes, roast beef, meat loaf, hamburgers on the BBQ – YUK!! At 12 or 13 years old I realized I didn’t like meat. It reminded me of eating my Dog. From that point on I realized I was different from my family and at the time didn’t know any other vegetarians.

I’m a lousy cook so I am not sure you want any of my recipes! I do make great guacamole! Start with avocados. Add some fresh diced garlic ( I am a big fan so I use alot). Some chopped tomatoes and cilantro. I am big on lime so squeeze a whole one in there, along with a few Taco Bell mild sauce packets, a few shakes of salt and chili powder. Mix it all up and enjoy!

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“Crimson Saints” is listed in pre-production. What is the tentative production timeline and how did you get involved with the film?

CHANEL: I originally got involved with CRIMSON SAINTS when Keith Smith was interested in me for the role of Trooper Perkins. Once I read the script I related more to the role of Mary-Ellen Roberts and after putting it on tape was offered the part. From there I came on as producer as well. We were actually scheduled to film last summer and long story short we lost our investor after having to push filming dates. We are in talks with interested investors now and hope to be filming later this year.


With all the films you’ve starred in, did any specific film or person give you the most experience for making your own films, or did you learn something from each film?

CHANEL: With every project I work on I learn and grow as an actress and producer. I feel like I have had a hands on film school being on back to back indie projects over the past few years. Each film is a unique experience and I walk away better for it.


Here’s just a few of Chanel’s recent and upcoming films:

“Alice D”

In the late 1890s the Davenport House was a famous and successful brothel, until a young prostitute named Alice killed herself there.  After her death, the brothel became haunted by Alice’s ghost, and was eventually abandoned.

More than a century later, the old structure is renovated into a beautiful mansion.  It is still rumored to inhabit the ghost of Alice.  Despite this, the new owner; the rich and arrogant heir to the Davenport fortune, decides to throw a wild party for his first night in the house.


“Circus of The Dead”

A man becomes entangled in a deadly morality game when the circus comes to town and a sadistic clown forces him to examine the things in life he takes for granted in the most horrific ways.


“Dead Sea”

A Marine Biologist is assigned to investigate the mysterious deaths of marine life in an inland salt water lake that have been attributed to a creature thought to have been the stuff of legend.



Sen. Drake is on a quest to initiate a Vampire rapture upon the world, while the members of Cronos – labeled as international terrorists – will risk all to save the world from the darkness of Drake and his minions, known as The DRAKUL.

Drakul Screen Grab

“Skum Rocks”

A full length feature documentary about the rise and fall of one of the strangest acts in rock history.


“Bad Kids Go To Hell”

Six private school high school kids find themselves stuck in detention on a frightfully dark and stormy Saturday afternoon. During their 8 hour incarceration, each of the six kids falls victim to a horrible “accident” until only one of them remains.









“Halo Theory”

A sci-fi horror about a desperate man is magnetically attracted to his enigmatic desire to solve the equation that links his dreams and the truth about the future.

For tons more information about Chanel including pictures, videos, and news, check out all her sites.


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