Wynorski On Dvd

‘The Lost Empire,’ Directed by Jim Wynorski (Polyscope Media/MVDvisual, HHH)

These two April 22 DVDs feature B-movies with commentary tracks, trailers and more. “The Lost Empire” is B-movie legend Jim Wynorski’s first film. This blurb says it best: “In a land of a distant past, three beautiful women, members of a lost tribe, battle a male genius with diabolical plans to destroy their lost empire.”

There are three main female characters, many more scantily clad female fighters, but the male genius has invited hot female combatants to come to an island that he owns in order to see which is worthy of sharing his sorcery-won immortality.

In other words, this film features wooden acting and a ludicrous plot, but it’s fun to watch and the special features will interest some viewers.

‘Gila!’ (Polyscope Media/MVDvisual, HHH)

This Wynorski-directed film’s synopsis says, “A giant lizard terrorizes a rural mid-west community and creates a path of destruction and death.”

“Gila!” kicks off with a trailer for the above film, but once it gets going, the audio is better and the giant Gila monster is pretty convincing.

The movie features 1950s music (including the Everly Brothers and Gene Vincent), vintage hot rods, hot chicks and more.

There is a subplot featuring a refugee from juvenile detention, who has returned to town to drag race and otherwise oppose our hero, Chase Winstead, and this one is based on a real 1958 B-movie called “The Giant Gila Monster.”

Fans of trashy cinema will enjoy both of these movies, but here’s a parental advisory warning: nudity above, sci-fi violence here.

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