Assault of the Sasquatch

Three hunters are out poaching for bear when they fortuitously trap a sasquatch. Terry Drake (Kevin Shea) seeing his monetary ship come in phones a mysterious collector to tell him he’s finally tracked down what the collector is looking for. Though the sasquatch kills his companions, Drake manages to corral it into a truck.

Meanwhile, two game wardens (Greg Nutcher and Cristina Santiago) hear the goings-on and investigate, arresting Drake and driving the truck into the middle of downtown. Naturally the sasquatch escapes and does his sasquatch thing.

Hoo-boy. I can’t decide which is worse, the acting or the writing or the “special effects.” The two leads are actually okay and might have even been acceptable, if they’d had coherent writing to work with. Nutcher is decent and Santiago palatable. There is even hope for Sarah Ahearn who plays Nutcher’s daughter Jessica. Shea, however, chews scenery as if it was beef jerky.

The storyline makes little sense … if I am generously assuming there is a plot and seems to involve some flashbacks with little context and little integration to the rest of the plot. I understand the writer might have been attempting a horror-comedy. Well he failed.

Don’t even get me started on the special effects. The sasquatch is clearly a man in a modified gorilla suit and there wasn’t even much modification as other reviewers have mentioned.

The only reason it didn’t get one star from me is that some of the actors were clearly doing their best with the material and direction they were given.

Even if you love really bad movies as much as I do, skip this one.