Saying Torment is bad is putting it mildly…it’s bad bad bad.

Showcased here is some of the worst acting I have ever seen. It is not laughably bad it is just irritating and makes you angry to have to watch such incredibly stupid characters, put forth some really really horrible acting.

The dialogue was terrible and then being delivered with zero talent made it unbearable. The psychotic clown/murderer was okay in his acting role which had no dialogue at all.

We’re way out here in the boonies to get some rest, but there is a supermarket 6 miles away. Even more ridiculous is that the crazy clown lives 100′ away, right next door.

One of the most irritating problems with Torment was that there was absolutely no screaming allowed. I’m not kidding, no one screams, not even while they are being tortured or dismembered. These people have no real desire to live since they hardly fight and say nothing.

The place of torture is a garage in a house; like no one will hear what is going on in there, right? The victims seem to be taped to a chair with a bit of electrical tape, anyone with an adrenalin rush or simply a will to live could break right out of the “restraints” or even hobble out of there chair and all, but no, no one has any strength or will to get away. They even try to be quiet while they are being tortured.

Lauren is the only one who did a bit of yelling and spitting but it was so unmotivated. Break my fingers, shhh, remember no screaming allowed in this movie.

Another problem with Torment was basic continuity, I just lost count of all the anomalies, errors and mistakes.

It is sad to see a crew who want to make horror film but just aren’t talented, experienced, professional or even good enough to make that happen. Torment is the result, and it couldn’t even approach mediocrity.