8th Annual B Movie Celebration visits 1984 in 2014

1984 was not all Big Brother, Big Hair & Big Pants — it was also a great year for movies. This year, the annual The B Movie Celebration wants the “B” movies of 1984 to take a bow.

Many have made the claim that 1984 represented the paragon of both film-going and film-making. With films like Repo Man, The Toxic Avenger, Night of The Comet, The Last Starfighter and Ice Pirates, 1984 turned out to be a cinematic buffet and the festival will screening some of the best films from that glorious year, featuring live commentary from the people who made them.

In 2014 The B Movie Celebration will take place in the artist colony of Nashville, Indiana from August 8th-10th at the Historic Brown County Playhouse.

“We had a lot of people saying that they liked the small town atmosphere of the earlier Celebrations” says founder Bill Dever, “and they wanted us to screen the movies that meant the most to them so we decided to give it to them.”

This year the B Movie Celebration will be hosted by Joe Bob Briggs, an iconic eighties figure in his own right having hosted Drive-In Theater in TMC for ten years, followed by a four-year tenure on TNT with Monstervision. Stay tuned for the schedule as they secure out titles.

Over the past 7 years the B Movie Celebration has shows such films as Toxic Avenger, Fright Night, Chopping Mall, Cry of The Winged Serpent, Brain Dead, Armed Response and about 365 films more, often being presented by the people who made them.

Visit: www.bmoviecelebration.com. Facebook: www.facebook.com/bmoviecelebration.