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Announcing the dates of 2015’s B Movie Celebration

Announcing the dates of the 9th Annual B Movie Celebration to be held at our new home The Brown County Playhouse, August 14th, 15th and 16th 2015 in Nashville Indiana

Announcing The 9th Annual B Movie Celebration

The 8th Annual B Movie Celebration was held last weekend in beautiful Nashville Indiana. This year’s Celebration shined a cinematic light on the year 1984. Big hair, loud music and in your face cinema was celebrated with vigor. Rabid B Movie aficionados came as far as Alabama and Virginia in order to screen genre classics like The Lost Empire, Night of the Comet and Chopping Mall. If the emails we have been getting are any indication, fun was had by all.

It is with both pleasure and pride that we announce that the theme behind the 9th Annual B Movie Celebration is a tribute to that VHS soaked year…..1985.

1985 is memorable for many reasons. Crack cocaine starts to appear,Billy Joel marries Christie Brinkley… millions of men suddenly feel like they stand a chance with an attractive woman. VH-1 made its broadcasting debut,Nintendo home entertainment system introduced,Leaded gas is officially banned in the US, Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of fame is opened and most importantly New coke is introduced in April of 85 and quickly replaced with original Coke.

Cinematically films like The Goonies, Back to The Future, Cocoon and The Breakfast Club held sway in the theatres. The home video was in full swing and VHS ruled the day pumping gallons of movie goodness into American homes. It was during this time that B Movies began to rule the aisles of the thousands of video rental stores that dotted the American landscape.

It was an amazing time to be a B Movie fan……

Hope to see you at The 9th Annual B Movie Celebration……