Lets It Snow….Dead Snow 2

The first Dead Snow movie was such a brilliant piece of B-movie madness that a sequel was inevitable. A new movie is coming to theaters just in time for Halloween but some think that the poster might scare some theaters enough to not post it in their lobbies.

Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead will feature another showdown between a group of survivors stranded in a barren, cold wasteland and a horde of Nazi zombies in order to bring you the kind of graphic, bloody, undead kill-fest that you never knew you wanted without being on some kind of heavy duty drug trip. Some blogs got a hold of the new poster for the upcoming cinematic slaughter-fest and it’s rubbing some of them of the wrong way. It features a bloody swastika lying in the snow with a severed human and an undead Nazi arm making up two of the points on the four-point symbol.

Some blogs are speculating that the new poster might rub some audiences and theaters the wrong way and it hasn’t even been hung up in a single theater yet. It doesn’t make sense to us. It feels like they are trying to drum up a controversy where there isn’t any yet. Yes, the swastika is a symbol that represents the most evil group of people in modern human history but it’s for a movie where undead versions of them get slaughtered by the thousands and they permanently remove from staining the Earth with their vile presence. Who could possibly be against that? We mean besides actual Nazi zombies, of course.