Evil Toons (1992)

Four women are staying the weekend in a spooky house they’ve been hired to clean, but before long one of them has been possessed by a demon unwittingly brought to life and embarks on a murderous rampage.

I really like this movie. It’s cheap, it’s stupid, it doesn’t really make sense and it has a bunch of young women taking their tops off every five minutes. It does have some bad points too, but it’s a lot of fun and that’s what counts. Mostly I like it because of the cast; Gabrielle as the wide-eyed ingenue and Stone as the sexpot pixie toon demon vampiress are both wonderful and hilarious in equal measures. Stone really eats up the screen and has a deliciously naughty delivery, licking Gabrielle’s blood and observing, “Tangy ! But not too tart … “; I wish she’d made more movies. As well as that we have old pros Carradine and Miller, both playing it straight, bless their cotton socks, and cult favourite Bauer in a black teddy. The plot is some mumbo-jumbo about a haunted book, soul-shrouds and a cursed researcher of arcane arts called Gideon Fisk (great name), but is diverting enough to cover the film’s charming budgetary limitations. There’s also a great title sequence by Bret Mixon and a jaunty keyboard score by Chuck Cirino that keeps everything moving along, whilst the film keeps coming up with engagingly goofy scenes like the one where Stone tries to open the wine bottle. In the late eighties/early nineties there were a lot of these agreeable tongue-in-cheek no-budget horror comedies, well made by the likes of Ray, David DeCoteau and particularly Jim Wynorksi. This is one of Ray’s best, but a lot of them are great fun, for example Bad Girls From Mars or Dinosaur Island. Flesh fans should note that both Stone and Nix are adult-movie stars; Nix (whose real name is Stacy Mitnick) under the screen-name Barbara Dare.