Timecop (1994)

This is one of the best Action/Sci-Fi films ever made in my opinion with a kick ass story and 2 amazing performances from Van Damme and Mia Sara!. All the characters are wonderful, and i think this is Van Damme’s 3rd best, plus Van Damme(as usual) and Mia Sara are simply amazing in this!. The effects were just awesome and one of the coolest scenes for me is when The future Van Damme confronts his wife it was rather tense and very moving, plus Ron Silver is extremely menacing as the main villain!. I thought Van Damme’s acting was fantastic, and he and Mia Sara had amazing chemistry together, plus the opening is quite disturbing and very memorable. It’s quite original and it had a fantastic all around cast, plus it’s exciting throughout!. The finale is one of the best ever and, i thought the ending was really neat and quite emotional, plus It had some great fight scenes as well!. It’s one of Van Damme’s best performances, and i thought it was extremely well written and made as well, plus i can’t believe this only has a 5.5 rating as it should be much much higher in my opinion!.

It really is a brilliant film, and i just loved the whole concept of time traveling!, plus it’s very imaginative and creative as well!. All the characters are very likable, and i really hope they make a true sequel to this with both Van Damme and Mia Sara back together!, plus it has quite a few shocking and disturbing scenes as well. Van Damme once again has a cool look,and i thought the scene where Van Damme visits Sarah Fielding in the hospital, was really moving and tense, plus the locations were also awesome!.There were also quite a few harsh jokes throwin’ at Van Damme and he took them extremely well This is one of the best Action/Sc-Fi films ever made in my opinion with a kick ass story and 2 amazing performances from Van Damme and Mia Sara, and if you haven’t seen it do so immediately!, you won’t regret it’s one of Van Damme’s absolute best!.

The Direction is amazing!.Peter Hyams does an amazing job here with wonderful camera work, fantastic angles, some great close up shots, great use of colors and he kept the film at an extremely fast pace!.

There is a little bit of blood and violence. We get some bloody gunshot wounds, harsh beatings, a bloody broken nose,gunshot wounds to the head with blood and brains spurting,wicked shattering arm,graphic fall victims, cool scar transformations, and other minor stuff.

The Acting is amazing!. Jean Claude Van Damme is AMAZING as always, and is amazing here, he is extremely likable, fantastic in the acting department, had amazing chemistry with Mia Sara, gives one of his best performances, had tons of charisma, had a lot of character, and just did an amazing job overall!. (Van Damme Rules!!!!!!!!, he is the man!). Mia Sara is also AMAZING as always, and is amazing here, she is STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS!, was fantastic in the acting department had amazing chemistry with Van Damme, had a great smile, and was especially good in the finale!, she is one of my favorite actresses. (Mia Sara rules!!!!). Ron Silver is wonderful as the evil Senator McComb, he had some awesome one liners, had some great scenes with Van Damme, was extremely menacing and just did a wonderful job overall!. (Silver Rules). Bruce McGill is great in his role, he was very likable and did a great job i liked him lots. Gloria Reuben is hot, and did excellent with what she had to do, although i wished she had more screen time. Rest of the cast do great.

Overall if you haven’t seen this do so immediately you won’t regret it it’s one of the best Action-Sci-Fi films ever made, and Van Damme’s 3rd best. ***** out of 5