The Vortex – Now available on VOD

Available today through VOD is Supernova Film’s The Vortex.  The DVD release date is set for October 11th.


Refer to it as “The Vortex: Gate To Armageddon” on ITunes and Vudu.!content/569511/The-Vortex-Gate-to-Armegeddon

Peter Paul Basler of Supernova Films told B Movie nation, “THE VORTEX is a campy, fun mega creature film about a group of seals sent out on close a wormhole and save the WORLD!!!  Oh, and in the middle of it is this crazy love triangle between our three leads:  Sexy and knowledgeable Commander Catherine Deckert, pumped up SEAL Team leader Lt. Steven Raiger and the all-knowing wimp who is forced into action Dr. William Marx.”


When a convoy of American soldiers disappears in the Mideast, a Special OPS team is deployed on a search and rescue mission. They encounter mega scorpions, giant spiders and oversized snakes – which were created when a former government scientist opened a vortex into another dimension. Now, the team must figure out a way to close the wormhole. But can they close it in time?

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