Fearless Frank (1967)

Starring Jon Voight and chubby comic actor Severin Darden, FEARLESS FRANK is an obscure pop morality play gone wrong. Receiving somewhat limited release, it quickly gravitated to infrequent television showings, via American-International Television.

The story concerns Darden’s Doctor, who creates a perfect crimefighter, Frank. Played as immaculately cool, in a slick suit, narrow tie and shades, Frank easily bashes baddies until his ego gains the upper hand and proves his destruction.

In the end, battered and scarred, he’s rowed off to quieter climes, no longer able to function as a crimefighter or — in many ways — a complete human being.

An interesting watch, though overall it shows largely cut-rate production values and a somewhat depressing atmosphere as Frank begins developing chinks in his armor which first pit him against the Doctor in small ways, and later lead to his falling from grace and into the hands of is enemies. The films seems to have vanished from sight, last showing on regional television in the early 1970s, slightly prior to Filmways’ buy-out of AIP and their subsequent selling off of the studio’s film library.