Biohazard: The Alien Force (1995)

Triton Indutries has created a genetically-engineered creature using DNA from human sources. During the course of the experiment, however, the host mother carrying the mutant escapes from the laboratory compound, giving birth shortly thereafter. The intellient “baby” beings hunting down and killing its male DNA donors, while at the same time trying to mate with its female donors. The head of the lab wants to destroy the monster before the press can get wind of the story, but the former head of security wants to expose the whole thing.

This is a good cheesy B-movie. A monster is running around eating people up. The creature looks great but the acting is bad. There was one point in the movie when i didn’t even know what was going on. That was one of the only down sides. It was like they just gave the scrip to someone else and told them to write. The monster looks like a gorilla with green scales and sharp teeth. A great Bmovie! Over all i enjoyed this movie very much and i am happy to have added it to my collection. In case you want to buy this movie on DVD go to Thats were i bought my copy, I don’t think they sell it in stores.