Extraterrestrial is a cheap and cheerful B-movie

IF YOU go down to the woods this weekend you might have a close encounter with Extraterrestrial, an enjoyably cheesy B-movie containing some unexpected twists and a good few laughs, intentional and otherwise.

Director: Colin Minihan

Stars: Brittany Allen, Freddie Stroma, Michael IronsideCert 15; 106 mins

April (Brittany Allen) and her friends head to a rural cabin where boyfriend Kyle (Freddie Stroma) is planning to propose.

Nothing goes quite according to plan especially when a flying saucer crash lands nearby and they are at the mercy of spindly alien beasties.What ensues is like a lost episode of the X-Files complete with alien abductions, conspiracy theories, paranoid Vietnam veteran Travis (Michael Ironside) and a local sheriff (Gil Bellows) trying to figure out the cause of so many missing persons and mutilated animals.

Undeniably tacky in places but also surprisingly effective, entertaining and well-acted by an admirably straight-faced cast. Good fun.