They Saved Hitler’s Brain

It seemed that towards the end of the Second World War the Nazi’s not only came up with a game plan to escape from the advancing allies to a South American country named Mandoras to regroup their forces and wait until the time was right to launch their second attempt to take over the world. They had a far more deadlier and sinister plan in how to do it then the use of any Atomic or Hydrogen bomb. The Nazis dreamed up a most intriguing idea of how they can take their leader, Adolf Hitler, along with them by putting his head, well really his brain, in a sealed and vacuumed-packed jar and have it, the brain’s, super intelligence direct and guide them to total victory.

You would wonder why his brain? or even his head? why not Hitler’s whole body? A movie that has to be seen to be believed with footage taken from two totally different films spliced together to try to make some sense to what the story is all about. With the results of the movie starting out like a porno flick,without any sex, and ending up like a bunch of out-takes of a very bad imitation of “Mission Impossible”.

We have Hitler’s head popping up all over the movie like some jack-in-the-box giving orders to his Nazi henchmen and evilly smirking every time someone gets beaten, shot or killed by them.

It had to be a miracle of science that they could have Hitler’s head severed from his body and not only live but be able to communicate with them and instruct them on how to conquer the entire world. All this when he was not able to do so when he was still in one piece during the war before he was smuggled out of Germany by them. Did somehow by him becoming bodiless make Hitler smarter?

The plot also revolves around something called G-gas being released into the air and thus making it possible for the Nazi’s hair brain plan of world domination to become a reality. Theirs only one hitch to their evil scheme, they have to stop a US scientist who’s working on an antidote to the G-gas that would short-circuit their entire operation.

You know what, that after all these years since the release of “They Saved Hitler’s Brain’ I can’t for the life of me see why Hollywood hasn’t made a sequel.