Gingerdead Man

Few films in history can boast they not only have a knife welding homicidal gingerbread man, but have that gingerbread man voiced by none other than Gary Busey. “The Gingerdead Man” is the one and only film that can make that claim to fame.
This is not a film that takes itself seriously in the least and the premise alone will make you shake your head in disbelief. However, it exists and it is certainly worth a viewing, especially during the holiday season.
The film opens in a Waco, Texas diner called Cadillac Jack’s. Crazed killer Millard Findlemeyer (Gary Busey) opens fire on the Leigh family, killing Jeremy and James, but leaving Sarah and her mother Betty alive. Findlemeyer is arrested and sentenced to die in the electric chair, due in part to Sarah’s testimony. After the execution, Findlemeyer is cremated and his ashes are sent to his mother a witch who mixes the ashes with a gingerbread spice mix.
The surviving mother and daughter have now opened a pastry shop called The Bakery, which is in dire straits and Betty has been reduced to a shotgun-toting alcoholic who shoots down the banner of the new restaurant opening across the street; Sarah sends her home with bakery employee Julia.
Returning to work, Sarah and Brick, another employee, find a mysterious gingerbread spice mix left at their doorstep. They set to using the mix, but Brick cuts himself allowing his blood to drip into the dough. Sarah permits him to leave early so he can pursue his amateur wrestling career as The Butcher-Baker at Wrestlepalooza. She then makes a large gingerbread man with the contaminated dough and puts it in an industrial-sized oven to bake.
While the gingerbread man is baking, a switch is hit causing a surge of electricity into the oven, animating him. We now have the gingerdead man rising to take revenge.
The puppet is voiced by a seemingly confused Gary Busey to hilarious results. The deaths are not gruesome but instead, very tongue in cheek.
The film follows a standard slasher type protocol but with no suspense, replaced by over-the-top moments and enough bakery puns to suite any viewer.
“The Gingerdead Man” is not one that anyone should watch hoping for a suspenseful horror film but should be viewed by those looking for a good laugh together with friends.
Also, if one viewing isn’t enough this film spawned two sequels, unfortunately though Gary Busey played no part in those films.
Final Verdict: “The Gingerdead Man” is a terrible film, but once watched it is strangely addictive and hard not to repeate, especially during the holiday season. It is not must see viewing, but it is a film that must be seen to be believed and just may find its place in your yearly holiday traditions.
Where can I get it? : “The Gingerdead Man” is widely available on DVD and can be found in bargain bins in many areas. It is also available online at Amazon, Walmart, Target, and FYE in both single disc format and as part of the full trilogy boxset. It is also currently streaming on Hulu and Amazon.