Deep in the Valley (2009)

Quite liked this, very entertaining and not just in terms of the plentiful softcore cheesecake on display. The porn world is so riven with clichés that it’s obviously fit for satire as Boogie Nights so ably proved. Really like Chris Pratt’s character and his ideal porn girl is surprisingly sweet, so happy that they end up together in the end. Also liked the porn cop who speaks in nothing but meaningless porn film law enforcement clichés, complete with the 2 hulking, nearly mute cohorts you inevitably find in such films.

And Kim Kardashian and Denise Richards as guest stars? Wow! Surprised they didn’t have some real porn stars taking part too although maybe I just missed them? Needless to say loads of tasteful nudity from some incredibly beautiful women, actually watched this on YouTube, surprised they allowed it as they don’t normally permit any, even if this was a 15 certificate? Perhaps because virtually no one actually has any sex despite the risqué subject matter?

Two more things I’d like to have seen, firstly Chris Pratt’s porn star girlfriend adapting to the real world, finding out what you can’t do in a non-porn reality. Secondly a better ending. Chris Pratt’s beautiful but shrewish ex-girlfriend staggering drunkenly into the liquor store and bitchily demanding more tequila after her break up. Shift to Scott Caan’s ex-porn star cop who is now the liquor store clerk raising an eyebrow to the camera. Back to some sexy cheerleaders dancing and then finish the film with Scott Caan and the ex-girlfriend coming out of the storeroom breathless, sweaty and putting their clothes back on.

“Can I have some tequila please?” she asks, now much more subdued. He passes it to her but grips her hand as she receives it.

“If you ever want some more you know where to come!” he tells her. She raises a saucy eyebrow “Count on it!”

A Review by Joxerlives