Blood & Donuts (1995)

After 25 years of slumber, a vampire is awakened by a golf ball crashing through his window and hitting him. What to do? Hang out at the local donut shop and fall in love…

So the film has vampires, mobsters, a cab driver trying to sound like Christopher Walken. People have been saying it’s a horror film! NO! It’s a comedy! No! Therein lies the problem people have with this film. They can’t place it. So look a little more into this film and you’ll see that it’s basically a character study, and a rather touching one after it’s been viewed. If one can put aside the supernatural element and mob storyline, it’s about a few people trying to find their reason for living and how those are affected as they cross paths with each other. The element of the vampire’s selfless act of self-sacrifice is both heartbreaking and immensely touching at the same time. All the other elements are there to make the story weird and of course entertaining. All in all it turns out to be quite a charming story when you understand the characters. Blood & Donuts is a unique find and one of my personal favorites. I’ve never seen anything quite like it!