Costa Rican Summer (2010)

Comedy would have to be one of the hardest genres to undertake, as it is so subjective and to say this a comedy is a bit of a stretch. The movie seems to be in conflict with itself, in terms of the mixing of elements, with attempts at comedy in some parts while trying to portray serious drama in others and then a weird mixture of both, as well as a random smattering of bare breasts. It just upsets the flow of the movie and makes me wonder what the target audience is, but let’s not over analyse this puppy.

The premise of the movie is OK and has a basic storyline, so many of these surfer type movies are devoid any story and are just about bums, tits, drugs and catching a gnarly wave. Susan Ward (Carla) does a great job and made this movie watchable with Julianna Guill (Eva) doing well also, however did not mesh well with the Brock Kelly (Kyle) character and he didn’t really seem to fit the part or make believable that being friends with the other two surfer drop-kicks was possible.

I have to agree that the Peter Dante character Dinger was hard to get accustomed to in the beginning, probably due to all the crazy Pammy fantasies, however becomes bearable after his transformation. The two (over the top) Swedish girls were sort of funny and are required for the introduction of the bare boobies (woo hoo!).

Overall, I think this is a movie that will make most people cringe, although there are some good and some funny parts most was tedious, but there was something that made me keep watching……… it was the dollar I paid for it!……. All the way up to the most unbelievable ending.