Coeds vs Zombie Housewives


Zombie movies typically have an exciting beginning which includes a kill and/or eye candy.  College Coeds vs Zombie Housewives does just that with some battles between the housewives and coeds.

It will get your attention! Written and Directed by Dean McKendrick the film stars multiple B Movie favorites.  Just a few in the cast to mention are Christine Nyuyen who is in the upcoming Jim Wynorski film Sharkansas Women Prison.  Erika Jordan who appears in Fred Olen Ray’s After Midnight and is a NASA Engineer in the upcoming Sharknado 3. Mary Carey who’s in the 2015 film Wolf Mother that’s currently in preproduction.   Frankie Dell who stars is several of McKendrick’s films.


Also starring is Andrew Espinoza Long who in recent years has been starring in more feature films and has starred in endless shorts.  He plays the role of the womanizer/best friend/betrayer that adds comedic moments when he’s not in a situation.  The entire cast makes for a lot of entertainment, interesting moments and tons of fun.

Karlie & Christine

Gary (Frankie Dell) is a scientist and he’s trying to conjure up a drug to increase women’s libido mainly due to his wife constantly turning him down.  Partially the reason his wife Tracy (Karlie Montana) turns him down is because she’s getting more than enough from Hank (Andrew Espinoza Long), who happens to be Gary’s friend.  To make it even more complicated Hank is married to Tracy’s best friend Carrie (Christine Nguyen).


Unfortunately or fortunately for Gary the testing of the drug goes very well or so he thinks.  For scientific purposes, he sneaks the drug into his wife’s and Carrie’s drink, but nothing happens….for now.  At least Gary gets a little stimulation when cheerleaders move in next to him, but that irrates Tracy who is now jealous and won’t tolerate the new girls.   Even though Gary is a scientist, he still gets typical wife comments like “I’m married to a dumbass” from Tracy.   Of course, Hank is kind enough to give the cheerleaders a long warm welcome to the neighborhood.

Andy & Cheerleaders

The testing appears to be going as planned until Marilyn (Mary Carey) receives a call from the testing lab stating “I have a room of killer zombie rabbits here.”  The testing lab discovered that the drug has a side effect that turns the women into an aggressive zombie state of mind, making them attack whoever is in the vicinity. Except these zombies don’t get the ugly and scary, they remain gorgeous.   The only thing to save the housewives, coeds, and husbands is an antidote.  How and will Gary be able to make the zombies consume it before it’s too late?  It’s not exactly the ending expected with the two couples, but there is a…happy ending.


All the characters were intriguing in their own way and the betrayal by Hank makes his character a love hate.  If there is a sequel I hope to see his character develop because whether he’s battling zombies or taking care of women, Hank has quite the stamina to handle it.

It’s an erotic zombie film that’s not exactly ideal for family movie night, but if you have the opportunity to watch it, it is exciting.