Live-In Fear – Review

lif-posterIn the snowy Utah mountains, an ancient being terrorizes four friends as they try to survive.

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Personal demons, addictions, or a skeleton in the closet is something everyone possesses whether minor or horrific.  Four friends struggling with their own vices, take a vacation to a Utah resort in hopes of clearing their minds, mending their relationships, and simply getting away from the hectic city life.

Live-In Fear jumps right into each character’s struggle and avoids any long introductions which is gets the audiences attention from the get go.

lif-groupSeth (David Lautman) is odd from the first moment we meet him. He shares a creepy ghost story and randomly spits out that his mom died.  He’s very possessive over his luggage and won’t let anyone touch it.

Becca (Sarah Greyson) is Seth’s girlfriend and she’s the nice girl that’s mixed up with a strange boyfriend.  Becca wants to help everyone and she’s the most eager to figure out why things are happening and going wrong.

Eric (Chris Dorman) is losing his personal battle with alcoholism and he’s a bad, bad, bad drunk!

Mallory (Arielle Brachfeld) in the beginning is sarcastic and fun, her character is the most complex as she has her own struggles which progressively get worse. She’s also the most caring to her friends and her boyfriend Eric.


Mallory is very likeable and Brachfeld did outstanding job at the role, as she won the Best Actress award at the 2014 Los Angeles RIP Horror Film Festival.  Brachfeld shared her experience playing the role of Mallory.

“I think the character was just so lonely. She wanted that connection, that love. To be loved by her friends and her boyfriend. I remember that awkward age when you’re just beginning to get involved in serious relationships. It’s scary. You love someone and will do anything for them because you’re caught up in that adventure and emotion. I’m just grateful I had such great actors and filmmakers to work with. The shoot schedule and weather were super challenging. Without having a great group of people to shoot with, it wouldn’t have been such a great experience.”

In general working on Live-In Fear, she also shared “Live In Fear was such an enjoyable film to make. It was hard as hell, between the weather and the shoot schedule, but we were just out in the middle of freaking Utah making a movie.  Just artists bringing this story to life.”

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Creepy, yet funny in a strange way is the couple that watches over the resort and how they are over the top religious people.   They’re not happy when Mallory tells them she’s an Atheist, which in return has them flooding the area outside the condo with crucifixes.

Soon, it’s no secret that Seth’s dead mother was killed by him when he takes her body parts out of the luggage he wouldn’t let anyone near.  The others don’t know he’s a killer and shortly after he buries her body parts the mother Sue (Maria Olsen) shows up at the condo.  Seth is shocked, but yet, seems like a hint of him is not surprised that she’s present.  Olsen not only stars in the movie, but she’s also one of the producers with her company MOnsterworks66.



With each characters story emerging and tensions beginning to rise quickly, there’s moments of horror that lets your imagination experience their mental and physical pain.  They need to and try to stick together to get through the nightmares, but they just don’t know who to trust.

As the film approaches the climax, things ramp up and gets extremely psychedelic, disturbing, and strange.  Including the scene where the religious cult uses Seth, Becca, and Mallory for their ritual to, only to have it backfire with deadly results.

Live-In Fear is worth checking out.  The characters stories and struggles will keep your interest throughout the film.  Not to mention the mind-altering sound effects that will surround you and draw you into the scenes even more.   Keep an eye out as the film will be released in the near future.
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