Battle of the Amazons (1973)

“Amazzoni – Donne D’Amore E Di Guerra” aka. “Battle Of The Amazons”, is a poorly produced film with bad actors, of course, but nevertheless, I find it enjoyable. The fun aspect of this movie, a film of a genre that was big ten years earlier, is the pure exploitation, the fact that it tries to compensate a cheap story, bad acting and poor dialogue with lots of nudity, sex and gore.

A tribe of Amazon Warrior Women terrorize the country by kidnapping young men, who are then forced to submit to the disputatious (but pretty hot) ladies, as miners and occasional sex-slaves. Victimized by the Amazons, the inhabitants of a village, including the loyal female villagers, decide to fight back and hire a bunch of robbers to teach them how to instruct them in warfare.

The acting in this movie is awful, except for Benito Stefanelli, a good actor, whom fans of Spaghetti Westerns should know, and who only has a small role in this, and Riccardo Pizzuti, who is usually seen getting beat up by Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill. The supporting actors are especially bad, on guy, for example, asks a lady if she would marry him, but looks into a totally different direction. The Amazon “Tribe” consists of maybe 30 women, most of whom are terrible actresses, but at least they’re pretty hot and lovely to look at in their mini-armor. However, it looks like some of these actresses were replaced by male (!) stuntmen in the battle sequences. The movie is also terribly written, and the dialogue makes it an unintentional comedy.

Apart from its many weaknesses, “Battle Of The Amazons” is quite enjoyable if you’re a B-Movie fan like myself. As mandatory for an exploitation flick like this, there’s a lot of sex and violence in it, people are mutilated and speared, limbs are chopped off and the viewer is entertained with battles, whippings, gore, sex orgies and bared breasts. Another quality of “Battle Of The Amazons” is the (unintentional) fun factor.

I agree that “Amazzoni – Donne D’Amore E Di Guerra” is a bad and cheaply made movie, but nevertheless I find it very entertaining. A fan of B-movies shouldn’t miss it.