Revenge of the Virgins (1959)

At a glance, this film looks like another one of the many low-budget westerns cranked out in the thirties and forties, even though it was made sometime later. It “borrows” its basic idea from THE TREASURE OF SIERRA MADRE, i.e. a small group of people go prospecting for gold and fall victim to their own greed. A new twist is that they’re prospecting in “injun country,” and are being watched by a small all-female tribe.

This brings us to the real point of this movie. All of these Indian maids are TOPLESS. REVENGE OF THE VIRGINS was made at a time when independent film producers were just starting to put nudity into their product. Because this is such an early example, it is a very tame one. It’s hard to imagine now that people would actually leave their homes to see a few brief, black and white shots of darkly-photographed breasts – but they did.

For all of you fans of cheap movies,this one is narrated by Ed Wood regular Kenne Duncan, reuses the music from THE BEAST OF YUCCA FLATS and is directed by Pete Perry – who gave us the amazing KISS ME QUICK!