Slaughter (1972)

* Predictable blood splattered shoot em up flick with that baddest of all bad dudes Jim Brown in the role of the ex-Green Beret butt-kicker Slaughter who’s out to get those who had his parents iced in a flaming car bomb explosion.

Sent on a mission by the US Treasury Dept. to far off Mexico to get the goods on the Felice Mob Slaughter is more then eager to find the man who was responsible for his parents murder but is kept on a short ease, like an out of control pit bull, by A.W Price, Cameron Mitchell, the US Government Agent who sent him there. It’s seems from past experience that Slaughter likes to do things his way, shoot first and ask questions later, which is contrary to US foreign policy as well as doesn’t, by putting innocent as well as guilty people in the morgue, make good sense.

With beady eyed Harry, Don Godon, as his sidekick Slaughter does a bit of slaughtering himself by taking on the Felice Mob who are in the process of setting up a major drug distribution center south of the border. Mob Boss Felice played by Norman Alfe in his first and only movie appearance, and from the looks of his ham acting you can see why, is really not that into violence feeling that it’s bad for business but his right hand man Hoffo, Rip Torn, a blood thirsty psychopath is.

Hoffo with his sour puss face looking like he overdosed on a king size bottle of Tabasco Sauce is also the man who had Slaughter’s parents killed. In that “Pop” Slaughter was in on some kind of deal involving computers that he kept from his boss Mario Felice that was in danger of blowing his entire drug operation. It’s that Hoffo had this done without Felice’s authorization that had Slaughter go into action. This was something, using unnecessary violence, that Felice was dead set against and with him finding out that Hoffo is responsible for all this Hoffo’s days are numbered. That’s if Hoffo doesn’t get to him first!

Jim Brown does it all in “Slaughter” without as much as breaking a sweat. Besides him doing more then his share of slaughtering the bad guys Brown also finds time to get in on with Hoffo’s girlfriend, or better yet sex slave, the blond busty and wide eyed Ann played by Stella Stevens. Even though he’s ordered by his boss A.W Price to hold off the shooting until the calvary, or the US Treasury Agents, arrives Slaughter is so good at his job, of slaughtering, that there was nothing left of the Felice Mob, including Felice himself, by the time they arrived for them to arrest!