Five Quick Questions with HenRii Coleman

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After making his own films in Houston, it was faith that drove HenRii Coleman to Los Angeles. He knew jumping into the Hollywood scene is not for the faint of heart and it would take a lot of hard work and patience. Surviving through a few years of difficult living conditions and just getting by financially, he was working as a production assistant and learning as much as he could in all trades of the industry. A few directors he’s worked with include Jared Cohn, Nick Lyon, Erik White, F. Gary Gray, and Mark Atkins.

HenRii is patient and took whatever jobs were available to meet industry professionals and to continue educating himself in filmmaking. His acting training was from paying close attention to directors like Cohn, while working as a PA and acting the roles behind the camera. HenRii is thriving to be the best and with his talent, faith, and determination behind him, he’s sure to quickly have more and more lead roles in films.


Five Quick Questions with HenRii Coleman

Can you introduce yourself and how you got your start in the film industry?

HenRii: Technically, I started by making my own film projects in Houston, Texas and Remade Sade, “like a tattoo” song then shot the video. From there, the video made its way to a background singer, Tony Momrelle in Sade’s band and when Sade did a show in Houston I got to meet them. Henceforth, I made films on my own which led me to Hollywood on my quest to be the best. This is the physical side to the story but it runs parallel with a spiritual side that got me started. However, I believe we can save that for another interview.

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You worked with director Jared Cohn as an assistant director on Jailbait and acted in Buddy Hutchinson.  What have you learn and taken from working with Jared?

HenRii: Jared taught me the mechanics of directing from watching him shoot. Moreover, he taught me work ethic because he writes, produces, and direct his films to name a few. Also, he has great leadership skills because he is able to gather people together and get on one accord to make a film. These are the things that stick out the most about Jared to me.

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Is directing a feature film one of your goals?

HenRii: My goal is to be a creator. I want my films to have the quality as James Cameron and Steven Spielberg. The goal is to make a film so impactful it changes the social norms. Therefore, I came into film making as a student trying to gain as much knowledge as possible. Working with people like Jared taught me the Logistics and infrastructure of making film in Hollywood. However, right now I’m about to produce/direct this drama called “Whii Felicia” (working title). I’m excited because the hero is a woman and this film will be a low key homage to women.



For Bermuda Tentacles you were a Military Consultant.  Can you tell us about that and any military background you have?

HenRii: I went into the army fresh out of high school. The army really built my character to become the man I am today. There are not many jobs in the civilian world can top stress like sleeping outside in -16 F temperatures in a foreign locked and loaded. However, the military helped me book my second feature length film Nick Lyon’s “Bullet”. Nick Lyon knew about my military background and brought me on to do that SYFY movie “Bermuda Tentacles”.  


What are you currently working on and where and when will we see you’re future work?

HenRii: I’m working on an independent film called “Whii Felicia” that has no release date. I did some acting Beats by Dre commercial. I had my hands in the Universal movie “Straight Outta Compton” out in Theaters August 14. I’m currently working with Sony and Paramount but can’t speak on the projects yet because of the NDA (Non-disclosure agreement). I’m also working with my friend BenMarc Film Company called Vision Bank ENT which has made a deal with Master P. Akon is another person I have projects with showcasing my acting skills. However let me digress, Whii Felicia is my baby/passion project I can’t wait for people to see. This film will showcase my hidden talents people didn’t know I had.


Thank you HenRii

Stay connected with HenRii through his Twitter and Instagram: @RiiMASTERED