Rollergator (1996)

A very nice and funny independent production, a road movie on Rollerblades: Sandra Shuker plays a young woman who finds a talking baby alligator (I’m not a baby, I’m almost twelve)who is running away from a fair market owner (Joe Estevez) who wants to make a lot of money with an talking alligator. The girl puts on her Rollerblades and they start into a fascinating journey.

The girl helps the alligator to escape and get back to the swamp and to his friend the Swamp Farmer, played by Conrad Brooks, maybe the last survivor of Ed Wood’s “Plan 9”.

The story is really nice and the end when Joe Estevez turns into an alligator is one of the funniest scenes ever. Since “Hell comes to Frogtown and “Roller Blade Seven” I’m interested in the work of director Donald G. Jackson. Roller Skaters, Ninjas, talking Alligators and pretty girls and not to forget his unique visual style makes the difference between Jackson and other Low Budget Filmmakers.