Curucu, Beast of the Amazon (1956)

John Bromfield and Beverly Garland star in Curucu Beast Of The Amazon and the best thing this film has going for it is the location photography in the Amazon jungles of Brazil. One hates to think that where this film was shot might be developed over by now. Because this film surely didn’t do much for the careers of either of its stars.

Bromfield is a plantation manager and Garland is a doctor and and a ridiculous looking monster is out terrorizing the natives of Bromfield’s plantation. Purportedly it is Curucu a legendary monster from up the Amazon headwaters country where no white people have gone before. So Bromfield decides to play Captain Kirk and go on a mission to explore and destroy this monster that’s cutting into his business.

Garland being the scientist wants to get some of that head hunter concoction which she says might be valuable to medical science. Garland had one vital asset in being cast in these films, no one could scream quite like her and she gets plenty of opportunity from the natural and man made opposition they both encounter.

The monster Curucu is one ridiculous and stupid looking beast which looks like a mixture various Halloween costumes. In this case though there is a reason and the mystery of Curucu is solved.