Frankenstein’s Daughter (1958)

Reviving the timeless adventures of the Frankenstein boys grandson Oliver Frank , Donald Murphy, who shortened his name from the famous Frankenstein, tries to succeed where his old man and grandpa failed, to create life, this time with the help of a female brain.

Getting a job as an assistant to Dr. Carter Morton, Felix Locher, Oliver with the aid of his helper the Morton’s creepy gardener Elsu, Wolf Barzell, who Oliver brought with him collect body parts, plans to finish what grandpa started; create life out of the dead. Oliver had already secretly succeeded in putting together a complete body and top it all off installed in it’s skull a female brain or head from local girl Suzie Lawler, Sally Todd. Suzie was dopey enough to go out on a date with the dangerous and crazy Oliver and paid for it with her life as well as her head.

It’s the very annoying Dr. Morton who’s giving Oliver a king-size headache and has to be eliminated for Oliver, with the help of Elsu, to finish his experiments in the creation of life. Unknown to everyone in the outside world Dr. Morton has his own secret experiment going on at the same time:The rejuvenation of dead or decaying cells that if successful will create the miracle of eternal youth. Oliver is worried of Dr. Morton’s crazy attempts to steal the drug Digeneral from the Rockwell Labs and his actions may very will bring the police to the lab and find out what he’s doing.

It turns out that one night as Oliver, sick and tired of Dr. Morton’s obstructing his work and driving him even more crazier then he already is, tried to strangle him! A moment later the police knock on the door looking for a old man, Dr. Morton, who was seen in the neighborhood running from the Rockwell Labs with a bottle of Digeneral that he just stole, what a stroke of luck for Oliver.

Telling the cops that it was indeed Dr. Morton who their looking for and Dr. Morton is so unconvincing trying to tell the police that Oliver just tried to murder him he’s taken away to the can to spend the night. It’s later that evening it’s reported by the police that Dr. Morton died in police custody.

Oliver now having the run of the lab goes into high gear as well as goes nuts putting his version of the “Frankenstein Monster” together. which breaks out and kills a number of people in the town before Oliver and Elsu captures it ties it up and hides it in the lab. The hot blooded Oliver has the hots for Dr. Morton’s pretty niece Trudy, Sandra Night, and after being rebuffed by Trudy, when he tried to make out with her, wants in revenge to make her part of his experiment. Elsu just about had enough with the insane Oliver when he wanted to turn Trudy into another dead girl walking This has crazy Oliver turns the monster, who looks like a cross between a 1950’s spaceman and Santa Clause, on Elsu who ends up killing him.

With the police and Trudy’s boyfriend the goody goody sensitive drop-dead handsome as well as courageous Johnny Bruder, John Ashley, coming to her rescue the monster has it out with the fearless Johnny who throws a bottle of acid on it! Johnny misses and the bottle hits Oliver who’s skin melts off his face and body killing him. The Monster trying to comfort the dead Oliver, it’s creator, catches fire from an open flame in the lab that was heating up the test-tubes and burns to death. So ends another episode in the adventures of the Frankenstein Boys.

You can take “Frankenstein’s daughter” for what it is and enjoy watching it instead of throwing a chair through the TV screen; an unintentional funny rip-off of the Frankenstein story this time set in 1958 in the USA. I have to say the girls, Trudy & Suzie, were very pretty and kept you interested watching them whenever they were on the screen. The movie also had some wild songs and music by the Page Cavanaugh Trio & Band.

John Ashley was his usual good-guy lady-killer, not in the criminal sense of the word, self and Donald Murphy did over do it a bit as the crazed Oliver Frank, Frankenstein, with his insane actions as well his groping, Ollie just couldn’t keep his hands off both Suzie and Trudy, of the girls in the movie. It was the two oldsters Felix Locher & Wolf Barzell, who stole the acting honors in the picture. Both came across as if they really took their parts in the movie seriously and acted as if they were Caesar and Mark Anthony in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.