Super Shark (2011)

With the advent of the Sharknado phenomenon, a movie that got popular for being a tongue in cheek turd (it was meant to be bad), I thought that I would try out a film with a similar premise of unbelievable lengths; Supershark. What drew me into this film? The fact that it has a shark thats the size of a submarine that can not only withstand missiles but also walk on land and can fly! The appeal I was trying to get out of it was something like Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes or the previously mentioned Sharknado. Where, its dumb, its nonsensical but thats the whole point. What we got instead was a magnum opus to sh*t.

So my one biggest problem with the movie is that we barely see the shark. I think its in the film for a grand total of 30 minutes at best, less than half the run time (sadly) where what we get is two other plot points – a journalist trying to uncover the EVIL oil tycoon for using a chemical that could break down solid rock (apparently that was where the Supershark was hiding, surprisingly I’m not questioning it for this kind of movie). The second plot involves a love triangle between a group of life guards – one guy and two girls that happen to be friends. I will give credit to the second one, the Supershark does finish that one off but what we get is mainly the oil tycoon plot.

Okay If I’m begging this kind of movie to be over the top, dumb, its time for the director to rethink his life. I mean, you don’t need to go to film school to make one of these movies – yes, I expect horrible acting, I expect some of the worst CGI I’ve ever seen, I expect moments of impossibility happening but I also expect dumb fun. With this film, I can give it at least 3/4 but the last one is the most important element and without it, everything else just feels like “why am I watching this”.

Oh and if you’re expecting smut to save the film, your sadly wrong. This is a PG movie. The only thing that comes close is a contest where whichever woman looks good in a bikini wins. Its not a plot point in this film, more of a scene. I’m not usually into smut in entertainment but in a B grade shark movie where if it had fan service in it, just one scene, it would’ve saved the movie, that is pathetic!

So overall, this is a movie where a shark can fly, walk on land and withstand a tank and even for someone who kind of likes these movies, its pretty underwhelming. If you want to see an over the top shark movie that relies on “it was constructed to be bad” watch Sharknado 2!