Dragon Wasps (2012)

The story in “Dragon Wasps” is fairly generic and straight forward for a movie of this caliber. A mysterious genetic research company has been experimenting with mutations and of course something has gone horribly wrong. A scientist has gone missing in the jungle, and his daughter and her best friend venture there to find him. They encounter some American soldiers who drop all they are doing to help the two civilians go looking for a single man in the vast jungle. Cannibal locals and giant, mutated wasps all prove to be in the way for their search and rescue mission.

The effects in the movie were, well, laughable. Badly animated CGI wasps that looked anything but real. And to make matters even more ‘interesting’ then these wasps were able to breathe fire. Yeah, breathe fire, why not? But of course, the creature effects, as you might have guessed, is almost bound by law to be bad in these kind of movies. But moving on, there was a gun fight between the soldiers and the cannibals, where the American soldiers were pinned down at their truck. A lot of shots were fired and hit the truck, resulting in CGI animated sparks here and there, but get this, there were no bullet holes. I wonder what kind of dissolving bullets they were using.

Let’s move on to the acting. Most of the acting was half-hearted or even uninspiring, as if some of the people in the movie were just there because there was nothing else available. Much can be said for Corin Nemec, who both starred and co-produced this movie, but he actually did a fairly good acting job in this movie compared to some of the countless other movies he had been in.

There isn’t much to keep this movie afloat, and as such it becomes a rather boring and dull movie experience. There was a single moment where the movie shined, where one of the soldiers was making fun at Corin Nemec by mentioning some of the questionable movies he has been in. That was actually a great and funny moment. Always good with some self-irony!