Jungle Blue (1978)

What do you get when mix “junglesploitation” (ala the Italian cannibal cycle, etc.) and lots of hardcore sex? Well, veteran adult filmmaker Carlos Tobalina’s “Tarzan” rip-off Jungle Blue of course! The plot revolves around a small group of Americans heading off into the Amazonian jungle to take advantage of the local primitive tribes (sound familiar?). They trick local “ape-man” Evor into leading them to the tribe under the pretense that they are scientists. Once there, they plan to kill everyone including their clueless friend Jane (natch!) and steal the tribe’s precious jewels. Their nefarious plan succeeds until they find out that Evor isn’t so easy to kill, even after they shoot him like 7 times! A chase ensues and in the end, someone gets clipped with blowguns!

Once again, Vinegar Syndrome has saved another adult movie curio from obscurity (as film preservationists are wont to do). The barebones DVD is void of extras, save a few trailers, but looks great. The team really took their time to clean up what damage and debris were probably found on the original camera negative. The picture fluctuates in sharpness in some places but that is the shortcoming of the filmmaker, not the release. The sound does waver a bit in a couple of places but in all, it does the job. Jungle Blue is a wild and fun ride and fans of obscure, inept weirdness will definitely get a kick out of it.

From Cinesploitation Greg Baty