The Video Dead (1987)

Two delivery men go to a quiet suburban neighborhood and deliver an old television to a writer who lives alone. Baffled by the television that he didn’t ask for, it soon starts playing a movie by itself.. Zombie Blood Nightmare. Eventually, the zombies come out of the television into the real world, and 3 months later the deliverymen return to find the poor writer dead. After a while, the house is bought by an older couple living out of country, and their children move in. The boy, Jeff, puts the possessed tv into his bedroom, and is seduced by a woman who magically appears in the real world. She is eventually sucked back into the tv and murdered by “the garbageman,” a mysterious guy who shows up only one time in the film to warn Jeff about the television. Later, a man shows up to “put a stop to the madness” and hunt down all the zombies. They go off into the woods to hunt these zombies down, and in the end, the girl is the only one left alive. In the hospital, recovering, her parents bring her a tv to keep her company….

This film was just flat out bizarre. In no other film will you see a guy get seduced by a woman who gets her throat cut by a mysterious man, then cuts off a zombie hand that reaches out of a television, then puts it in the food disposal to get rid of it. The acting is horrible, but how good would the actors be for 80’s, low budget zombie flicks? Not very. The direction is alright (but I don’t see how there were 2 assistant directors) and the cinematography was alright. It looks like it was shot on MY shitty 8mm camera, though.

The zombies here shocked me.. not because of how they looked (pretty good, actually) but because of their behavior. What kind of pussy zombies strangle their victims and don’t eat them anyway? And when one of the zombies gets an iron planted in their skull and they don’t go down, I couldn’t believe it. This film puts a new spin on zombie myth, and totally disregards the trilogy in every way. These dead just want to kill because they can never have life, and the only way to kill them is to convince them that they’re dead. The major weapon against these zombies are mirrors, because the zombies seemingly don’t want to see themselves, and what they’ve become. I’m not even sure they ate anyone.. although some dialogue hinted at that. (They do eat themselves, in the end).