Truckin’ Buddy McCoy (1982)

In a nutshell, Buddy is a child in a man’s body, drifting aimlessly from job to job. Then two things happen. First, he gets fired. Secondly, he wins a Mack truck in some kind of sweepstakes. This truck is boss, the back is outfitted like a pleasure pad on wheels.

He has a girlfriend, who seems to be the most understanding woman in the world, and says he wants to marry her. When she asks him what he’ll do for a job, he says he doesn’t know and — get this — he’d like to take the truck and go traveling for about a year. Well, needless to say, the girlfriend doesn’t much like this idea, women being creatures of comfort and security.

So off Buddy goes, headed from his hometown of Los Angeles (which must be some kind of beer-swillin’, country music blastin’ suburb, ’cause metropolitan Buddy is not) to Oklahoma City, and the film takes place on the roade. As you can imagine, he meets all types of weird, interesting, and plain crazy characters along the way on his journey to self-discovery.

There’s nothing bad about this movie. I really liked the way Knox plays Buddy. He always has a smile on his face, a childlike innocence that makes him likable. You just want to have a few beers with the dude. Thing is, nothing terribly interesting happens.