Invisible Centerfolds – Review

Andy LongInvisible Centerfolds is guaranteed to entertain, deliver laughs, and stimulated the audience. Professor Jennings (Frankie Dell) has concocted an experimental invisibility formula and is ready to test it on humans.  Jennings connives Rachel (Misty Stone) to be his first test subject and gets her to drink the formula.  The results are not exactly what he hoped for, however, his actions with Rachel don’t go unrewarded.

Sexy Trio

Kay (Christine Nguyen), Crystal (Scarlet Red), and Beth (Krissy Lynn) are roommates just trying to get by in life and long to become the next Miss February. Kay is on top for the position, however, she refuses to make the sacrifices needed to get that title.  Upset and feeling down, she goes to drown her sorrows, as does Professor Jennings, due to his failed experiment.  The two meet at the bar and Professor Jennings is able to convince Kay to be his next test subject for a hefty payment that would cover the rest of her Dental Hygienist education. The money Jennings offered her is better than the package photographer Santini (Jason Lockhart) laid out for her.  Adding conflict and suspense, little do Professor Jennings and Kay know, but their deal is overheard by Gus….Gus the Mobster (Andrew Espinoza Long).


Kay’s a bit skeptical and scared, but she’ll never get her degree unless she goes through with the experiment. It’s a successful trial as the invisibility formula works and Jennings hits a homerun with Kay. The serum is supposed to be temporary, but Kay appears to randomly go invisible and unfortunately at awkward moments.   Due to the experiment’s success and Kay being promised the finances for her to finish school, she goes home and celebrates with Crystal.

Christine Nguyen

Things ramp up when Kay is reminded by Chrystal that Professor Jennings never gave her the money. Kay has managed to control her invisibility and is able to turn herself invisible whenever she wants.  With revenge on her mind, she aggressively plans on getting it from Professor Jennings no matter what.  However, when Gus shows up at the girl’s apartment the situation gets hard.  Gus tactically manipulates Crystal and Beth to find out where Jennings and Kay are and Beth ends up going with Gus to Jennings lab.  When they arrive at Jennings place, Gus needs to find the formula and he gets on Beth and her only defense is screaming.  Gus finds a formula and forces Beth to drink it, but it’s not the right formula and she turns into a fierce beast.   As Gus narrowly escapes the beast and he thinks he’s clear, he’s stopped short from getting away and taken down by a…….… Invisible Centerfold.  Finally, the celebration is one heck of a climax for Professor Jennings, Kay, and Crystal.