Harbinger Down (2015)

In the sunken nightmare ship of Harbinger, Russian water-bears sleep waiting. Before I go and tell you about the movie experience, you should know that this film is a Kickstarter movie, with more than 350 thousand dollars coming from that campaign, and made by people with vast experience with practical effects. You see, Hollywood uses CGI nowadays because it is cheaper and it has become a hallmark of fancy directors to use practical effects, all other movies relying on the cheapest alternative around. Cherish it, like you did fat and ugly radio stars before MTV came around.

The plot is pretty much a rip-off of The Thing. That is not accidental, because it is the same team that worked on the recent remake before the studios decided to go with CGI instead. The characters are archetypal, like in most films of the genre, with pretty decent acting all around. Lance Henriksen is great, of course, but even the rest of the actors give professional performances. What I liked also is that the characters themselves were borderline interesting making the entire feel more engaging when adding a little depth to them.

The special effects were just great for the budget they had and in conclusion I would go as far as say they accomplished their mission of creating a movie fans would enjoy and a nice homage to the great horror movies of the late 70s and early 80s.