Cheerleader Camp (1988)

Cheerleaders at a remote campsite training for a competition only to be killed off by one by one in this Friday The 13th clone with a mix of Porky’s. This is supposed to be a dead serious horror film so they say but plays more like a horror/comedy. Throw in pretty teens taking their clothes off, red herring suspects a heroine with emotional problems, the sex-starved boyfriend and what do you have a generic slasher movie but this one is fun.

The movie definitely never fails to be entertaining but fails to work when it tries to be more serious like Alison (Betsy Russell) never convinces me as the lead heroine I thought maybe one of the other supporting cast could have carried it off a little better, not saying she’s terrible but she just doesn’t cut it but has a fine body though and plus she’s given way to much screen time. The supporting characters are brilliant like the uptight camp manager Dee Dee (Vickie Benson) whose hilarious in her role especially the sex scene with the Sheriff which is definitely one of the movie’s highlights, Genre veteran George “Buck” Flower is good though, given more screen time than he usually gets, as the drunken, mumbling handyman, Leif Garrett played the silmy boyfriend Brent pretty well, Cory the team mascot was really sweet or is she, played by Lucinda Dickley. But Timmy though was the highlight of them all the comic relief fat guy character who wouldn’t be out of place in Porky’s, he’s played brilliantly by Timmy Moser, Pam (Teri Weigel) was great as the blonde cheerleader really sweet and I would have liked to have seen her as the lead and lastly Theresa and Suzy were both stunning to look at.

When it comes to the horror, don’t expect any real suspense or scares. It tries pretty hard to be original with several twist endings and a killer’s-identity-surprise but it’s all too predictable. The killer is easy, if you just think a little (it’s rarely one of the obvious suspects…) and the murders come quick and fast, with little or no gore. The film also makes a classic blunder keeping some killings off-screen!

All in all an OK time waster given an extra star just above the average five is 2 things the Cheerleaders bitchin’ bodies and the Porky’s type comedy.