Press Release – Bloodmania Directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis


Legendary Director Herschell Gordon Lewis (The Godfather of Gore) returns in 2016 with BLOODMANIA!

“A new film from Herschell Gordon Lewis is a treat for any horror fan”!
~ Tom Holland (Director of Fright Night, Child’s Play)

“H.G. Lewis is the mastermind who created the modern horror film. All of my movies can be traced back to the work of H.G. Lewis. Never before has someone in their eighties directed a horror film – it’s a must see for any horror fan! All hail the master who created the modern horror film, the one and only H.G. Lewis”!
~ Eli Roth (Director of Cabin Fever, Hostel, The Green Inferno)


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January 12, 2016 – New York/Canada

Get Ready All You BloodManiacs! Dominating Your Theatre Screen In 2016. The Legendary Director Herschell Gordon Lewis aka “The Godfather Of Gore” returns with his sensational new Horror anthology “Bloodmania.” Four unique stories that combine horror and gore with outrageous humor that will satiate every horror fan’s appetite! Only one director can give it all to you and now you’ve got him. Mr. Lewis opens a whole new avenue in which the now-classic horror movie marries a 21st Century sense of humor! Miss it and you’ll really hate yourself.

Not a single list featuring the ‘Most Anticipated Horror Films For 2016′ is complete if Herschell Gordon Lewis’ “Bloodmania” is not on it! This long awaited full length horror film is released from Diabolique Films (a division of Diabolique Magazine) in association with HGB Entertainment, Ltd. Check out the new “Bloodmania” theatrical trailer:

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