Tammy and the T-Rex (1994)

What in the world would tempt someone to think up a movie this stupid and bizarre? They must’ve been taking some mighty strong drugs to think up a plot this strange. A guy’s brain is put in an animatronic T-Rex by mad scientists, and the guy’s girlfriend goes searching for a cadaver to put his brain in. This might be the most horrible premise for a movie ever!!!

Tammy (Denise Richards) has a happy life. She’s the head cheerleader at school, and she has a great new boyfriend, Michael (Paul Walker). The only problem is her old boyfriend Billy, who’s pretty much a psychopath. Billy and his gang of thugs kidnaps Michael and they drop him off at the Wild Animal Park where he is mauled nearly to death by a lion. When in the hospital, his live body is harvested by mad scientists who put his brain in an animatronic T-Rex. Now Michael as a T-Rex must get revenge on those who wronged him and find a way to communicate with his girlfriend Tammy.

Everything about this movie is just strange. The acting is bad, with Denise Richards at her worst, constantly giggling like a braindead idiot, and Paul Walker acting as doofy as he possibly can. Theo Forsett plays the comic relief and seems to be doing a Little Richard impression. The whole movie is ridiculous, the ending being the dumbest and worst part.

Trying to classify this movie is hard. It’s mainly a (bad) comedy full of gay jokes and silly unfunny slapstick. When Michael’s brain is put in the T-Rex, you would expect, in a lighthearted comedy like this, for him to get revenge on the people who wronged him through funny pranks. Maybe lift up the bad guys and scare them a lot. Not here. Michael brutally murders them instead, including crushing a guy, and what sounds like ripping off the genitals of one poor fellow. It blew me away that this is how the bullies were taken care of.

Another extremely strange scene involves Tammy and her gay friend Byron looking through the morgue for cadavers. The morgue simply says “Morgue” on it, and it’s unlocked with bodies just lying out. These characters go through the morgue messing with the dead bodies very disrespectfully.

Why was the Wild Animal Park featured here? Did they think that putting the zoo in this movie would bring more tourists in, because I would think it would do the opposite. Some kids break in by cutting a lock on a small gate. Behind the small gate is an exhibit full of cheetahs, jaguars and lions (who all live together?). These kids drive several cars onto the lot and drive off and it takes minutes for a worker to find what’s happened! This just doesn’t make any sense, and if this is a true portrayal, I fear for the lives of people that visit that park.

This was just one of many dinosaur movies made right after Jurassic Park, and of them it’s the least remembered (Which is what it deserves).