Terror from the Year 5000 (1958)

It’s not just the mutant human beings of the year 5200 AD that need to be saved but those of us watching this turkey that takes the cake in being one of the worst horror or anything else movie ever released. I have to say that Salome Jens in her motion film debut is as hot as Kryptonite as the woman from the future when she takes on the appearance of the nurse that’s sent to the off shore Florida island to care for the stricken from radiation Victor, John Stratton, whom she in fact infected with that deadly illness. It’s Victor who played fast and loose with his girlfriend Claire, Joyce Holden, father Prof. Howard Lering’s, Frederic Down’s, time machine that brought this deadly calamity upon himself.

As for Salome or the woman from the future her task was to bring the at first young and viral Victor back to the future to do, in finding no other word to call it, stud duty to replenish the by then dying off human race.You see after thousands of years of nuclear testing the radiation of those atomic teats has mutated the human DNA causing mutations that got to the point where one out of five babies being born were seriously defected and mutated. Now Solome or future women in her being brought back to the year 1958, the year that the film was released, was or is going to change all that.

****SPOILERS*** Miss. Jens, a gem of a woman, was seen throughout the entire movie, not counting her impersonation of a nurse, in a tight fitting and sexy looking jumpsuit covered with what looked like dozens of shiny rhinestones who’s reflection of whatever light was available made it difficult to see her. In fact Solome was so obviously strange and sinister looking that it was unusual that no one in the cast realized what she was really up to until, for Victor, it was too late. One of Salome’s victims was the island handy man Angelo, Fred Harrick, who in what seemed like him trying to pick her up and make conversation with her ended up being radiated to death instead. The final scenes had Victor finally realized that he’s being used by Solome, who hypnotized him, to do her not his bidding and caused him to revolt against her and finally put an end to all this back and forth to the future hysterics.