The Disembodied (1957)

It’s the evil but beautiful Tonda Metz, Allison Hayes, who’s behind all the death and carnage in the film “The Disembodied” using her Voodood spells to get whatever she wants with the sole exception of white hunter & photographer Tom Maxwell, Paul Burke, who’s on to her from the word go. Tom out on a photo shoot in the African jungle had one of those with him Joe Lawson, Robert Christopher, attacked and badly mauled by a lion who’s needs medical help immediately or else he’ll bleed to death. Finding a doctor in the house or jungle in Dr. Karl Metz, John E. Wengraf, Tom has him put under his care who doesn’t think that Joe will survive the night. That’s until Metz’s wife Tonda starts to do her Voodoo on him that has Joe miraculously recover from his near fatal wounds by sunrise.

Tonda who’s been trying to unsuccessfully off her husband for some time sees in the handsome Tom Maxwell her ticket out of the jungle hell that she finds herself in. But as Tom soon finds out she’s bad news and the kind of woman, as beautiful as she is, to keep as far away from as possible. With Tonda trying to win over Tom she uses her Voodoo to have his native guide Gogi, Paul Tompson, to be murdered by a self, no one seemed to have thrown it, inflicted flying spear as well as causing Tom’s jeep to run out of gas. The biggest mistake that Tonda did was murder her helpless lover Suba, Norman Fredric, during a Voodoo ritual that his shocked wife native girl Lara, Eugenia Paul, witnessed! This in the end proved to be Tonda’s undoing in finally putting her out of the Voodoo business.It’s when Dr. Metz finally discovers what his wife is up to that would almost turns out to be fatal to him. With Dr. Metz stabbed by Tonda and left for dead Tonda starts trying to frame Tom and his partners both Joe and Norman Adams, Joel Martson, for her husband’s , who’s in fact still alive & breathing, murder. The only thing that Tonda forgot was that the native servant Kabar, Otis Greene, witnessed the entire event and his testimony can clear them and indite her if her husband dies. It’s the vindictive Lara who finally puts and end to Tonda’s black magic just when she’s about to use it on her rejected, by him,lover Tom. That’s by breaking her spell over those in the movie the old fashion way: With a knife in her gut!