Leprechaun in the Hood (2000)

That little mean green dude is back to once again kill anybody who tries to take his gold. The story opens when local pimp Mack Daddy and his friend Slug go searching the subway of Compton, California for a fabled magic flute. They discover it along with a big pot of gold being protected by a hideous Leprechaun statue. It wore a medalion around it’s neck which is what kept it in stone. Kind of like in Leprechaun 3. They make the mistake of removing the medalion. Leprechaun comes to life and kills Slug. He goes after Mack Daddy, but the medalion ends up around his neck, returning him to stone. Mack Daddy was triumphant.

Some years later, three bungling rap artists: Postmaster P, Stray Bullet and Butch were trying to make it into the big times, but nobody seemed to like their song. They meet Mack Daddy one day who seemed interested at the time. They all go to his house. He’s got the Leprechaun statue there along with his gold and the flute. Mack Daddy didn’t like the boys’ song and told them to leave; the boys tried to get money to fix their equipment so they tried pawning an electric guitar that was supposidly signed by Jimi Hendrix in 1971, which is quite an achievement considering Hendrix died in 1970, that’s probably why pawn shop clerks Jackie Dee and Chow weren’t interested. Stray Bullet hatches a plan to break into Mack Daddy’s place and steal the gold. Then they’d be living on easy street, so they do it that night. They steal the gold, the flute, and the medalion around Leprechaun’s neck. Mack Daddy catches them when they leave, so now he and Leprechaun are after them. Postmaster P discovers that playing the flute hypnotizes people, so now everybody was interested in their song. It seems like they would definately make it to Las Vegas. But they forget about a very angry Mack Daddy as well as a ticked off Leprechaun on their tails. Leprechaun showed up and demanded the flute. They had no choice but to give it back, then a mistake causes Leprechaun to kill Stray Bullet, making our story get a little sadder. Butch has a plan to get rid of Leprechaun and get the flute back: he rolls four leaf clovers in a joint and intends Leprechaun to smoke it, which according to “Leprechauns for Dummies”, would make him lose his power temorarily, and it did. But then Mack Daddy showed up and shot Butch dead.

So in conclusion, Postmaster P alone makes it to the big time. More or less. And at the end, Leprechaun sings his rap son, “Lep in the Hood Come to Do No Good”; Well, what can I say about this movie? It isn’t totally bad. It’s pretty much what we’ve come to expect from this trilogy. In this one, Leprechaun didn’t seem like himself. In the first four movies he was always making jokes and busting corny rhymes. In this one, he seemed more serious. So really, only diehard fans of the Leprechaun series should see this one. Everyone else should definately avoid it. What I like about it is that it contains continuous use of the f-word and the s-word; Warwick Davis reprises his role as that mean ol’ Leprechaun, Ice-T is here too. So in conclusion, this movie was a good idea. I wonder what’s next? Leprechaun 6: In the Bahamas? Leprechaun Goes to Disneyland?