Zombeavers (2014)


Zombie flick spoof about a group of college kids, staying at a cabin on the river, who are attacked by killer zombie beavers. The film was directed and co-written (with Al Kaplan and Jon Kaplan) by comedy writer and actor, turned first time feature filmmaker, Jordan Rubin. The movie stars three lovely ladies; named Cortney Palm, Rachel Melvin and Lexi Atkins. It also costars Hutch Dano, Jake Weary, Peter Gilroy and Rex Linn; and it features cameos by Bill Burr, John Mayer and Brent Briscoe. The movie is pretty much exactly what it sounds like; I had a great time!

Palm, Melvin and Atkins play three young college students (named Zoe, Mary and Jenn), that decide to get away for the weekend; by staying at a cabin on the river, in the small town of Ashwood. Jenn’s boyfriend, Sam (Dano), recently cheated on her; so her friends are trying to help her get over him. That becomes pretty hard to do when Sam shows up at the cabin, with his buddies Tommy (Weary) and Buck (Gilroy); who are also Mary and Zoe’s boyfriends. A lot of drinking and sex follows, of course, until things become more complicated; when they’re attacked by mutated zombie beavers, from a dam on the river.

The film is actually a pretty good (and mostly traditional) zombie slasher flick; it goes through all the usual (and routine) B-horror flick clichés (and it does a pretty good job at it). It’s also a great comedy and zombie movie spoof though; so fans of both genres get what they crave (and are expecting). I love movies like this and, I’m happy to say, I was also pleasantly surprised by it. I think Rubin did a great job directing the movie and he, and his co-writers, also did an excellent job writing the script (it’s clever and a lot of fun). The animatronic zombie beavers look great, and the actors are all more than adequate in their roles; I especially like Palm’s performance (she’s also super hot in it). The film is about as much fun as you can expect, from a movie called ‘ZOMBEAVERS’!