The Spotlight is on James Cullen Bressack

“I consider myself someone who just loves making films and hopes people enjoy watching them.” James Cullen Bressack.

When Bressack makes a film, he puts a huge effort into the preparation with the script, sets, locations, equipment, and general production tasks.  If any issues arrive during filming, he’s well known for being the one attacking the problem so neither the filming nor budget is affected.  When an issue arises that on most sets would halt production, Bressack refuses to surrender.  While filming PERNICIOUS, storms flooded the immediate surrounding of the house where a lot of scenes were filmed.  The cast was supposed to arrive by taxi, but the taxi wasn’t able to reach the house, so Bressack with crew members built a pier overnight for a boat to bring the cast.


Bressack started making films at the age of 18 and each film he makes gets better with quality, story, structure, visuals, and dialogue.  Many of his films are horror genre, but he writes, directs, and produces films of all genres.  One of his great qualities is getting personal with his characters.  He prefers to write and direct a film because while writing he’s visualizing every word on the script and how he’ll film it. Once he finishes a project you’ll immediately see him posting on his social sites that he’s either writing or directing another film.  With over a dozen films currently in variousstages of production, Bressack’s IMDB is consistently ever changing.

After Bressack worked with Zack Ward on several films, the two developed a professional relationship and realized that if they partnered up they can make some quality films together.  The result is Grit Film Works and immediately a couple of horror screenplays they wrote went into production.  The first film by Grit Film Works is BETHANY, which Bressack directed and it stars Zack Ward, Shannen Doherty, Stefanie Estes, and Tom Green.  The second is RESTORATION which was directed by Ward and stars Emily O’Brien, Ward, Adrian Gaeta and Sarah Ann Schultz.


“James is ferocious in his pursuit of film making in all its myriad forms; financing,  writing,  distribution,  directing, post,  relationships, networking.  Not a single stone is left unturned in his pursuit of his better moment of artistic completion.  He flexes the film making muscle every chance he can,  turning himself into a competitive athlete in the field of indie film.  His fearlessness is annoying in its tenacity but inspirational in its doggedness. Ive learned and shared a lot with James,  going from acquaintance, to friends,  to business partners that have a healthy respect and appreciation for each other’s strengths and cover each others weaknesses. I won’t be surprised when James hits the studio level and is helming $100m films.  He really is that guy.  Keep your eyes open cause it’ll happen fast.”


Bressack has worked several times with Daemon Hillinof Benetone Films as they met about five years ago.  Bressackwill always be grateful to Hillin as he credits Hillin for being the first person to really take a risk on him as a filmmaker and gave Bressack a budget past the micro budgeted films he started out with like MY PURE JOY and TO JENNIFER.  The risk paid off as Bressack directed Benetone Films highly acclaimed horror, thriller PERNICIOUS which starred the amazing Ciara Hanna.  Hanna is an extremely versatile actress that has had roles in all genres from Power Rangers to starring in Bressack’s horror films BLOOD LAKE, PERNICIOUS and his upcoming drama LIMELIGHT.


“I have worked on several projects, ranging from ultra low budget to the biggest productions,” Hanna tells.  “James has been one of my favorite directors I have ever worked with. He has accomplished so much for such a young age, and once you work with him you understand why. He is so passionate and puts his heart into everything. He takes time to really get to know his cast and crew and makes sure to make a connection with you. I’ve worked on 3 projects with him, and will continue to work with him. He truly is incredible at his craft and there is no stopping him.”

Another Benetone film currently in pre-production is OLIVER STORM AND THE CURSE OF SINBAD’S TREASURE.  The story was written by several writers and two of those writers were James and his Emmy Award winning father Gordon Bressack.  “It was a lot of fun to write the screenplay for Oliver Storm with my son James,” as Gordon tells, “Looking forward to making this movie by this summer in Thailand. We’re currently at work out another screenplay, Rio Muerte.” James was equally as excited to write with his father, “Oliver Storm is a passion project for me because it’s the first time I’ve been able to work with my father, something I’d wanted to do since I was a little kid. I’m very excited for everyone to see it.”


Actor Trae Ireland has been busy racing between sets with a couple dozen films and TV Series due out this year.  Ireland starred in Bressack’s horror 13/13/13 and is starring in his upcoming horror thriller DEADLY REUNION.

Ten years after graduation, a mini-reunion is organized by Tom and Jill Miller at their home, inviting only the special friends that were in their clique and one fringe member, Bobby Zwick, whom they had done a terrible wrong. Bobby said all was forgiven, but he was not telling the truth.

JB is a true filmmaker and artist/actor director,” Ireland shares.  “He’s very collaborative and will consider others thoughts and opinions (even if it doesn’t make sense) he’ll still listen to you. However, if it doesn’t work or make sense for the project he won’t do it. But if it does he allows an artist to create and build. He know what he wants and gets a lot of great coverage without taking forever to set up shots. He has a great eye for talent and how his vision is captured with the camera to show our journey. Being Deadly Reunion being our 3rd film together I was able to really see the creative artistry he possesses away from the camera. During day 1 of filming he and I agreed on how we could enhance the script to make it better and his mind went to working and creating some obscure, unorthodox scenes that ties and rebuilt the story into a fun unbelievable journey. And on top of all that…He’s fun to work with. We joke, we fight, we hang out away from the camera. James has become a good friend as well as colleague.It’s time for us to do another!”

Recently wrapping up filming is Bressack’s STILLWATER a crime film that revolves around the story of a rookie cop in Stillwater, OK, who is thrown into a firestorm of crime and deception as she hunts down a killer trying to murder her fellow officer.

In the upcoming years expect much more from Bressack.  To keep up with all his films go his IMDB page and website and Twitter @Jamescullenb