The Beach Girls and the Monster (1965)


* Jon Hall must have been desperately in need of money to get involved in this beached whale of a movie where he not only starred in but also directed. Hall as famed Oceanologist Dr. Otto Lindsey is trying to get his son Rich,Arnold Lissing, to follow in his footsteps as an expert on marine biology. Rich in fact has been spoiled by the biology or hard bodies of the local teens and collage students. Rich in fact wants to live a care-fee life on the beach dancing singing, which he does badly and off key, and fooling around with the sexy girls who spend all day and night wiggling their curvy busts and shapely behinds at him. It’s just then that this monster emerges from the deep and starts knocking off all of Rich’s friends. The monster looking like someone wearing a Halloween mask and covered with seaweed is suspected to be something out of the pre-historic age that somehow survived by being in a state of suspended animation. That’s until the nuclear tests of the 1950’s and 60’s in the Pacific Ocean borough it back to life.

All the evidence of the monster murderous activities seem to point at Rick’s best friend the disabled, due to a car accident, Mark, Walker Edmiston, who was at the scene of its latest murder beach boy Tom,Dale Davis. ***SPOILER***As Rich soon finds out his dad Dr. Otto has been somehow involved in these beach murders since he found his ungrateful wife Vicky Sue, Rich’s step-Mon, fooling abound with the young men on the beach while he was working hard in his study. One of them being Rich’s friend Tom! Did Dr. Otto Lindsey somehow bring this sea monster to life to do his dirty work? Or better yet did he do it himself and have the so-called sea monster take to rap for him!

***SPOILERS*** Out of control ending as Dr. Otto Lindsey is caught in the act of murdering Tom and then takes off in Rich’s girlfriend’s Jane, Elaine DuPont, car in what turned out to be a ride straight into hell. Wounded during his fight with Tom Dr. Otto had trouble controlling the wheel and finally lost control and fell off a cliff totally immolating himself. That’s what we were shown at the end of the movie but strangely enough his body was never discovered opening the door for a part II version of the movie.