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The Spotlight Shines on Lauren Parkinson


Magnificent!  That’s the only term to describe Lauren Parkinson.  Not only is she a talented and dedicated actress, she’s a delight to have on set. Her work was impeccable, and her laugh is contagious,” Director David W. Keffer says about working with Parkinson on THE FIGMENT.

Lauren Parkinson’s philosophy is finding beauty in the darkness of the world and using that as her motivation.  Truly a remarkable person and actress, she wants to inspire and hopes her success will inspire others to follow their dreams and never give up.

Originally from Chicago, she moved to Cincinnati where she got her degree in Theater.  Excited about acting, she starred in numerous plays in the Cincinnati area.   Knowing it was time for her to take that next big step, she relocated to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career in films.  Currently Lauren has been consistently landing roles making her a top emerging actress in film and theatre.

Parkinson has received a lot of praise for her roles in films, theatre, and modeling.  Additionally she’s appeared on TV series, advertisements, and music videos.  As her resume is quickly growing, here are just a few of her films she’s completed or currently working on.





September 1, 2016
Directed by: Jim Wynorski
Starring: Jesse Bernstein, Bryan Clark, Savannah Goldsmith, Lauren Parkinson, Paul Logan, and Michael Madsen

A gigantic, mutated, reptile attacks the population of an unprepared city.  Parkinson’s talents once again shine and her role as Roni will keep the audience excited.   “Lauren is a complete professional.  I truly enjoyed working with her and was constantly amazed by her skills at improvisation,” legendary director Jim Wynorski said about working with Parkinson on Cobragator.   This Roger Corman creature film with an all-star cast is sure to entertain fans.



November 3, 2016

Parkinson stars in Jim Wynorski’s holiday film which also stars Paul Logan who also worked with Parkinson on COBRAGATOR. “Lauren is a very talented actress that shines every time she is on the screen,” Logan said  “She was great to work with whether the cameras were rolling or not. She’s a beautiful addition to any project. I look forward to working with her again. ”

Synopsis provided by Jim WynorskiWhen the CIA discovers a cute orphan puppy with amazing telepathic abilities, the powers-that-be in Washington immediately lock him down and plan on forcing the poor dog to become a covert secret weapon. But fate steps in and frees the pint-sized Jack Russel Terrier from government clutches – delivering the cute little fellow into the loving arms of two brothers just a week before Christmas. As one might expect, the pair of youngsters fall in love at first sight, and then are astounded to discover that their new found four-legged friend can actually communicate with them telepathically. But with their dad out of a job and bills mounting, it doesn’t appear to be the best time to adopt anything — especially a dog that ‘talks.’ And that’s just the start of the boys’ problems. Acting on orders from the highest authorities, the FBI has sent out teams of field agents in search of the innocent animal. Helicopters, drones and reconnaissance planes scour the country side – with orders to either bring the dog back or make sure he doesn’t fall into enemy hands. In charge of carrying out this devastating order is the no-nonsense Special Forces agent, Camilla Sharp; who’ll stop at nothing to retrieve the dog or make sure no one else does. So armed only with their wits, their bikes and a strong, newly formed bond with their cold-nosed friend ‘Murphy’, the brothers and their school buddies channel the real spirit of Christmas to save the day before it’s too late.



A young hipster wannabe-superstar dj, Phil, takes on a day job at a telemarketing company, working with crazy people, ex-prisoners, drug addicts and murderers. The time on his life begins to tick as he battles addiction, fights the law and tries to maintain the only sane thing left in his life, his girlfriend, Christine.

Directed by: Mars Roberge
Written by: Mars Roberge
Starring: Ron Jeremy, Nina Hartley, Lauren Parkinson, and Cindy Lucas
SCUMBAG has been running the festival circuit beginning this May and premiering in the fall.  Writer and Director Mars Roberge has an extensive background in numerous creative fields including music and fashion.  Over a couple decades he’s worked with dozens of celebrities and takes all his life experiences and generates them into his films.

Lauren was great.  She beat the most people (over 1000) in an open audition for her role.”Roberge shared about working with Parkinson on SCUMBAG. “On set she really gave a lot to the character (Porsche) and made her come to life.   All of the cast + crew enjoyed working with her.   Lauren is a method actor and at one point I had to ignore her because she was so embraced in the “bimbo” role that I couldn’t have a serious conversation with her in between takes for coffee.  Instead I smiled knowing she’s having her “Nam Flashback” and I’ll just let the camera do the talking for the rest of the night.” 

Another upcoming film by Roberge is a documentary on Sex & the City Stylist, Patricia Field titled THE LITTLE HOUSE THAT COULD.  The film has screened a couple dozen times and was featured at many festivals.


jacob eye2poster1.9

Buying the house was supposed to be a dream come true. But for Drew and Kara Townsend the nightmare has just begun.

Directed by: David W. Keffer
Written by: David W. Keffer
Starring: Lauren Parkinson, Margo Rowder, and Rob Antus

In 2003 the tanking economy was a blessing in disguise for filmmaker David W. Keffer.  Unable to find stable work he decided it was the best time to pack his bags and move to warmer weather and pursue his passion of writing and making films.  The last few years Keffer and Parkinson kept in contact and he knew that she was the best for the role of Kara in his film THE FIGMENT.  Parkinson loved the script and said she felt the energy of the script moving in the right direction.

Keffer was ecstatic to have her in his film as he shares his experience working with her, “At times I completely forgot we had Lauren on set as she disappeared into the role. Even now, sometimes I have to remind myself that she’s an actress and not a nurse! Her disposition lent itself well to the quiet nuances of her character, and in the few places where it didn’t, her work ethic more than made up for it. In fact, we had a short day when other cast and crew had to leave sick so we needed to wrap the scene with Lauren’s close-ups. She nailed it with a single take!”

Keffer goes on about her persona, “Lauren’s energy was infectious with the cast and crew. Her witty comments completely changed the dynamics each day she was on set, and her jokes (and songs) kept us all encouraged during the long hours of filming. I could not imagine a better fit for this production, and I look forward to working with her again in the near future.”


A story about a woman who falls in love with a mannequin.

Directed by: Brian Cawley
Written by:Brian Cawley
Starring: Lauren Parkinson, Sean Cawley, and Neil Kanal
Here are some films that were recently released and currently available:



Daisy is the all-American girl next door with a hunger for true love and an appetite for murder. Then one day Daisy meets the man of her dreams, only to discover that his own lust for killing might make her his next victim.

Directed by: Cameron Casey
Written by:Darren Bevill
Starring: James Duval, Lauren Parkinson, and Bret Roberts
Producer and Director Cameron Casey has an elaborate directing and producing career in music videos and commercials.  In recent years Casey has been a successful Executive Producer, overseeing creative development and production for television shows that have aired on HBO, E!, Bloomberg, FOX and NBC, as well as various feature films including Never Die Alone, staring David Arquette and DMX.

His film APPETITE engages you from the opening scene and is intense throughout.  Parkinson is the main reason for that intensity and she brought it on day one.

“Working with Lauren was a wild adventurous and exciting experience from the first moment we all met her. She owned the roll both mentally emotionally and physical.” tells Casey.  “This was a slasher musical love story. Not an easy undertaking by any stretch of the imagination. She was throwing other male actors around the room in auditions and had the spirit energy and sick sense of humor we were looking for.

She’s a country girl at heart and brought a down to earth girl next door quality to our cannibal killer Daisy we needed. I had no idea when we started this film would take on the strange surreal quality it did. But Lauren dug deep and brought her natural twisted twistedness to the table on this. At the end of the day she was our Daisy as we could only hope for. I showed her scenes from Deliverance at 5am before her scene to help her along her journey. I think that might have worked. FYI I’m still in therapy after completing this film,” Casey continued.



When Rumpelstiltskin destroys the Magic Mirror and escapes to the modern world, the four princesses of “Once Upon a Time”-Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Rapunzel-are sucked through the portal too. Well-trained and endowed with magical powers, the four women must fight Rumpelstiltskin and his army of thralls before he enslaves everyone on Earth.

Directed by: Jeremy M. Inman
Written by:Jeremy M. Inman
Starring: Casper Van Dien, Lauren Parkinson, Lou Ferrigno
Hailed as one of The Asylum’s best action/adventure films, Parkinson thrills audiences as she plays the role of Snow White.

For more information and to keep current with Lauren, check out her social sites and IMDB.