Something Beneath (2007)

Arriving at a new hotel, Father Douglas Middleton, (Kevin Sorbo) soon meets with Khali Spence, (Natalie Brown) Aimee, (Paige Bannister) and Symes, (Gordon Tanner) and they prepare for an upcoming seminar. Beset by a series of problems, they look into the events and find a strange black goo and are at a loss for how to deal with it. When several of the guests and staff start turning up dead, they debate over whether to reveal the information or not. When it’s revealed that the goo is responsible for all the deaths, and can turn victim’s fears against them, they all try to get the remaining guests out of the hotel before the goo gets to them all.

The Good News: This one here is a really decent film overall. The fact that this here has a rather unique creature is a rather strong plus. This amorphous blob that travels along sewer paths that will kill based on hallucinations derived from the darkest fears is really nice and displays an interesting gimmick that allows for some great fun. There is some rather nice ones, including the completely unnerving and really creepy bathroom hallucinations. That one is the highlight due to it’s original idea and creative tactics that are really creepy and becomes a little frightening as well. The assault in the basement becomes ultra-creepy once the dog becomes involved, but that merely ups the action as before it is completely suspenseful. The evacuation of the hotel and everything that results from it are really fun, where there’s everything from the lengthy suspenseful stalking scene in the sewer systems to a major action scene inside the compound to the race to get out, this is full of fantastic moments that really work wonders for the film. These moments are full of spectacle and full-on fun from start to finish, and these here are easily the film’s best moments. The only other part that works is the film’s setting. This has a really believable area of setting this in an unknown area out in the middle of nowhere, in a potential fearful location in a secluded area. These here are the film’s good points.

The Bad News: This one here doesn’t have a whole lot of flaws, and those are all based around the film’s titular creature. This is one of the most non-threatening creatures around, and it in no way should inspire fear. Barely touching it starts a hallucination that will kill a person by their greatest fear, but that isn’t done by having the creature lay a physical hand on the victim, and they still can be saved even after touching the creature physically. That the creature has to lure victims down into the basement, despite a size given in the film to be of considerable mass, since it can’t really move but expand outward as it’s rooted in a particular spot, makes this yet another strike against the creature. That is it’s biggest strike, and with all these here against the creature in it. Had this been fixed into a more threatening creature, the film would’ve been a whole lot better.

The Final Verdict: With a lot more threatening creature in this, it would’ve been a lot better even though it’s still a really entertaining film as is. This is basically there for those interested in seeing another Sci-Fi Channel film or think it sounds interesting, while those who aren’t into either won’t find a whole lot with this one.