Nightmare Beach (1989)

This juicy slice of summer happens to be one of the most professional Italian movies made on US soil. You get young people partying, 80s metal non stop, wet t-shirt contests, pretty girls making a buck or two on the side with older gents, sharply dressed biker gang, shady local government figures, and a leather-clad masked killer who offs everybody in high voltage fashion. The story isn’t very special, a beach town biker gang leader gets fried on electric chair, while John Saxon the sheriff and Michael Parks the doctor see to it. BTBGL’s last words consist of a vow to avenge his own death. Later it’s summertime and horny young people start turning up dead. Amidst all this two friends ride into town to join the party. Will it all turn out well? This film is one of the most watchable slashers out there. It’s so well made, well paced and well acted (well, it’s campy but not horrible) that it almost qualifies for a “feel-good slasher”. You might not like it if you’re a “gore hound” and only want to see people suffer, because here everybody’s having fun.