Wild, Wild Planet (1966)

Not a bad variation of THE MYSTERIANS crossed with BRAVE NEW WORLD with little WESTWORLD tossed in. I have to say the sets were pretty darn impressive in design for such a low low budget. How many indies have we all sat through that don’t even try? Seriously, it surprises me that so many people can see the entertainment value in current day schlock like SKY CAPTAIN, BLADE:TRINITY or THE FORGOTTEN but don’t get as big a kick out of vintage stuff like WILD WILD PLANET. For me, I’d rather see it in a low budget film than in a crass Studio product (emphasis on “Product”). But, hey, I loved THE APPLE!

Director Anthony Margheriti was a prolific Italian filmmaker who did a series of 60’s SF films and WILD WILD PLANET may have been the best. The film is slow in developing, and you have to question such an extensive use of miniatures when they rarely work (if at all). Still, it’s a reminder that it’s too bad Italy (and really the rest of the world outside of Asia) have basically given up on trying to compete with the U.S. in the SF genre.