Street Trash (1987)

Aside from surrealist art flicks like ERASERHEAD or BEGOTTEN, STREET TRASH is unquestionably the most outlandish, astoundingly bizarre movie ever produced. It really doesn’t have a cohesive plot per se, but it mainly concerns a newly discovered type of liquor being sold exclusively to bums that causes them to melt, gelatinate, and/or explode after drinking. As the film chugs along, we are introduced to a whole pack of unique homeless individuals (or street trash) and their brutally gory, yet somehow oddly humorous antics. There’s urination, vomit, necrophilia, gang-rape, decapitation, a whole multitude of vulgar phrases and gestures, and the most intentionally hilarious castration scene ever filmed. I guess you’d just have to see it to believe it.

STREET TRASH isn’t a particularly good movie, but it IS impressive and it’s definitely original. The special effects are top-notch (I guess that’s where a majority of the budget went), the dialogue is loaded with memorable one-liners, and the characters are–well, let’s just say you’ve never met characters like these before. Also, the fact that this movie was filmed entirely on location at actual junkyards, construction sites, alleys, and street corners makes it seem frighteningly realistic. If you have a strong stomach and an astonishingly morbid sense of humor, I highly recommend seeking this movie out. Just don’t let your family or friends see it–they’ll hate you forever.